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Small in size, Big in luxury - DC Isuzu Lounge review

by Priyadarshan Bawikar Posted on 14 Mar 201351,756 Views11 Comments

Based on the Isuzu minibus platfrom, DC Design delivers a superb customised lounge experience for the hotshots of the business world who want a complete mobile home-office on the road



DC Isuzu Lounge interior



For those seriously upwardly mobile, there are very few sets of wheels that can provide an off the shelf solution for their long distance travel needs. Obviously, a luxury car is an option, but the limitations of the cabin really hinder the ability to actually get some work done on the road. That’s why you see so many film stars and businesspersons going in for customised luxury buses and when it comes to customisation, the final word is Dilip Chhabria, whose Pune based firm, DC Design, has been churning out some really outstanding personalised buses for the past few years.



DC Isuzu Lounge interior bedroom



But while a large Volvo or Mercedes-Benz might be right up a big movie star’s alley, it certainly is a little impractical and let’s not forget, pompous, for a businessperson. So to meet this demand, which has been steadily climbing in recent years, DC Design now offers the ISUZU Lounge. True to the firm’s well-established ‘Lounge’ concept, this new bus based on the ISUZU IS12TE chassis features a typically DC-fashioned central lounge. This area comes replete with four captain’s chairs around a central table, acting like a conference room of sorts, as well as a sofa to seat a few additional persons. But to make the ISUZU Lounge a true road warrior, it also features a separate bedroom with a 6.5’ x 4’ bed, a full wardrobe as well as a complete entertainment system featuring a 32” LED 3D TV. And that’s not all. The bus comes equipped with a fully functioning bathroom which not only has a toilet, but a shower as well. 



DC Isuzu Lounge bathroom



The advantages the DC ISUZU Lounge offers are manifold. First of all, the relatively short 8.5m long chassis allows access to places a massive Volvo simply would not fit in. The relative low buying cost of Rs 14 lakh for the chassis is another benefit. And when you consider the significantly improved comfort afforded by the optional air suspension kit, the ISUZU Lounge is a winning combination. Such luxury doesn’t come cheap though, as the whole modification of the bus can cost upwards of Rs 45 lakh, depending on what options you choose. But for those who can afford it, it truly is a home-office away from home.



DC Isuzu Lounge exterior



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