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New Hyundai i-Gen i20 : Road Test

Hyundai's popular hatchback the i20 has just gone under the knife to receive its midlife makeover. ZigWheels checks out the details


New Hyundai i-Gen i20




An unexpected surprise is always a very pleasant experience and the i20 provided Hyundai with just that. Hyundai wasn’t expecting big numbers with this premium hatch but the car proved them wrong. While it may have been a fortuitous success, its credentials were never doubted. It has a very different appeal and also lots to offer in terms of style, space and features to justify its premium price tag. The new i20 then just does that and more.


Finally gets the family look!


The i20 was already a good looking hatch, with the right proportions and the lines and the current styling update makes it look a lot younger. Being a face-lift, the changes aren’t radical but are enough to enhance the car’s appeal. The front gets the family’s fluidic touch with Verna-like headlights, a slim grille and totally revised bumper. While I personally loved the new look, a lot of people including some of my colleagues preferred the older car’s more characterful front.



New Hyundai i20 interiors



But like they say, looks are always subjective. From the side, there is no change whatsoever and the silhouette remains the same apart from the turn indicators being integrated in the mirrors. The rear receives some minor changes with slightly revised tail lights and a redesigned bumper. The new car not only looks bigger than its predecessor but actually is. The length has gone up by 55mm making it 3995mm long. 


Premium insides remain


There are no major changes on the inside, but it feels like Hyundai has upped the quality of the materials. Everything from the seats to the soft textured dashboard exudes a premium feel. Even the plastics feel robust and well finished. The buttons and the dials may not work with the same finesse of a German hatch but they more than do their job. The driver now also gets an arm rest which is pretty useful when you’re stuck in a jam or cruising down the highway. Space has been the i20’s forte and it still is. The cabin can accommodate five adults in comfort and haul their luggage thanks to that large boot. 





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