Kawasaki Ninja 1000 review

A combination of supple ride, comfy riding position and smooth power delivery makes the Ninja 1000 a compelling sports tourer


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Kawasaki India has strengthened its arsenal by introducing a couple of new and very delectable motorcycles to its already power packed big bike line-up, which includes the razor sharp Ninja ZX-10R and one of the fastest production bike, the ZX-14R. Last week, we were on a power trip as we reviewed the newly launched Kawasaki Z1000 street bike. And now, it's the turn of the multifaceted Kawasaki Ninja 1000. Both the bikes are priced at Rs 13.8 lakh (OTR Pune) and come complete with a refined 1043cc inline four motor. But both these come in different state of tune, which defines their unique characters. On the Ninja 1000, the mill produces the same power output of 142PS; but it tops out a 1000 revs early at 10,000rpm. However, the meaty torque of 111Nm maxes at the same 7,300rpm.


You might wonder if Kawasaki already has the ZX-10R and now the Z1000 competing in the litre class, what is the need for yet another bike in the same segment? To begin with, the Ninja 1000 is a completely different animal. What makes it stand apart from the other two is its relaxed power delivery and comfortably upright riding stance. It's aimed at those with a thirst for sports bike performance without the hunkered down seating position, which limits city use and touring capability. And according to recent international motoring trends, this genre is growing faster than ever before. The Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is a very sporty machine and yet it's touring friendly and pretty forgiving — which fits the bill perfectly.


It might not be as radically designed as the naked Z1000, but the Ninja 1000 is a very good looking bike, with aggressive styling that does justice to the Ninja tag. The beefy fairing with stretched out RVMs, tall front screen and twin headlights give it an imposing stance. Moreover, because of their mounting position, the mirrors offer excellent view. The stout four-into-two exhaust system looks chunky and adds to the bike's sporty character. The rear grab rails are neatly integrated and are practically designed to fix side-boxes on.


by Sarmad Kadiri Posted on 26 Feb 2014   Views: 19891

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