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Sports Cars for 2014

We bring you the latest news on all the Supercars and Sportscars coming to India in 2014
Sportscars for 2014


There are cars that take you from point A to B and then there are cars that make you leave point A with no destination in mind. These are cars that beg to be driven and they reward the driver with an unparallel experience with their looks, sheer power, pinpoint perfect handling or an intoxicating combination of all the above in what is usually a drop dead gorgeous body. These cars are not practical, they aren’t fuel efficient and are usually more expensive than one can imagine. That said, they are usually the object of desire for everyone who comes in close proximity to one often inspiring the same amounts of lust a beautiful woman would. These then, are the sportscars and supercars that brighten up the automotive world with their loud exhausts, low slung stances and beautiful forms. If you are one of those lucky few who has the moolah for one, we take you through 10 cars for 2014 that are certainly worth your while.



2015 Ford Mustang

Estimated Launch: Late 2014

Estimated Price: Rs 35-55 Lakh


2015 Ford Mustang



Rejoice! The Ford Mustang will officially make its debut in India in 2014 with an all new right hand drive version for the first time in history. The all new Mustang that was revealed on the 5th of December 2013 is going to feature many firsts for the Mustang. For the first time, the Mustang will be available with Independent rear suspension and for the first time will the Mustang be officially available in right hand drive. The big news though is the return of the turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine to the Mustang family. Last seen in the third generation Mustang, the turbocharged 4-cylinder engine makes a return this time around with the highly acclaimed 2.0 Litre Ecoboost motor capable of producing over 300PS. The base model variant of the Mustang though will be offered with a conventional V6 engine.



2015 Ford Mustang




For the purists though, Ford will still offer the 5.0 Litre V9 producing about 400PS. There will also be more powerful version of the Ford Mustang under the Shelby guise, which are also expected to make their way to India soon considering how popular the Shelby brand is amongst automotive enthusiasts world over. Expect the Mustang to cost as little as Rs 35 lakh for an entry level version and upto Rs 55 Lakh for a full blooded Shelby version. The Mustang will most certainly becomeone of the most popular sportcars in India if launched appealing to both the purists and the fans to the car in general.


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Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Estimated price: 6.00 lakh

Expected date: March 2016


Estimated price: 4.00 lakh

Expected date: February 2016

Toyota Innova Crysta

Estimated price: 15.00 lakh

Expected date: Mid 2016

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Estimated price: 5.00 lakh

Expected date: Early 2016