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Mahindra e2o: How it's made

by Muntaser Mirkar Photography: Kunal Khadse Posted on 18 Mar 201316,694 Views1 Comments

A quick look at how the Mahindra e2o electric car is made at the revolutionary Mahindra Reva facility in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Mahindra e2o parked outside the Karnataka facility


Generally, if you’ve seen one automotive manufacturing facility, you’ve seen them all. But the Mahindra Reva plant in Bengaluru, Karnataka is revolutionary in itself and is one of the reasons why the Mahindra e2o’s carbon footprint is so miniscule. The first shock comes to you even as you are approaching the facility and you get the first glimpse. You’d expect an automotive plant to be massive, but the place where the e2o is made is probably as big as an aircraft hangar – it even looks that way too!


The building is designed to provide natural light through the day in a structure that is extremely spacious on the inside despite housing not just the assembly lines, but the administration offices and test areas as well. Yet, this plant can produce about 30,000 cars a year and at the same time is a lot more efficient than a normal manufacturing facility. All that is courtesy generating most of its own power requirements through solar technology as well as giving back power to the grid during dyno testing, etc (Read : Mahindra e2o First Drive).


Aerial shot of the e2o factory


The second thing that really amazes is the low levels of noise in the plant. With spot welding replaced by intricate bonding processes (a la Formula 1), the only noise you’ll hear in the factory are those of nuts and bolts being tightened. With the car loaded up on wheeled platforms that are shifted from one bay in the assembly line to the next by pure muscle power, there are no complex motors or whiny electric conveyors either.



  • Mahindra e2o electric car parked outside the factory

Here's a quick look at how the Mahindra e2o electric car is made at the revolutionary Mahindra Reva facility in Bengaluru, Karnataka

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