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Ex-showroom Price :
57.26 to 82.17 lakh in Delhi Change City

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Upside : Handling, Performance, Pedigree
Downside : Nothing really!
Our Verdict : Like all Porsches, the Boxster's DNA is in racing and it does not disappoint
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Editor's View : Porsche Boxster

The Porsche Boxster is a mid engined roadster that was first introduced in 1996. Still in production, the vehicle has received upgrades on a yearly basis and as customer expectations have also grown, the Boxster has also received a number of engine transplants over the years. It's a powerful car that is fun and very fast. Like all Porsches, its DNA is in racing and the Boxster does not disappoint

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Porsche Boxster Variants in DelhiChange City

Our Coverage on Porsche Boxster Cars in India

Porsche Boxster S First Drive

The third generation Porsche Boxster is packed to the gills with tech and mechanicals from the 911 yet so very much more different from it in character and delivery. Adil Jal Darukhanawala gets behind the wheel of this prodigious German roadster to tell you if things have really improved for the better


2013 Porsche Boxster S

In these days of engine downsizing, weight reduction, more efficiency and what have you, Porsche knew that the latest iteration of the Boxster had to be not just relevant socially but also do the business when measured up to rivals in class



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