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Scania Buses moving more aggressively towards adopting biofuels

Urbanization, congestion, CO2 emissions and fossil fuels that will become scarcer and scarcer is a rapidly growing problem all over the world. But Scania is ready to meet the challenges



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It is not an easy task to be a traffic planner in any of the world's multi-million cities. The global urbanisation trend means that their population and thus traffic is constantly increasing, while the climate is under threat from CO2 emissions and fossil fuels resources will probably become scarcer and scarcer.


The rapidly increasing emissions of CO2 pushes the climate change and every day moves us – and our children – towards a more hostile planet to live on. All of us, but especially the people involved in the transport business, have a strong responsibility to create a sustainable transport system.


“Being part of the problem will never be good for business, but being part of the solution is,” says Jonas Strömberg, Director Sustainable Solutions, at Scania. “In the long term, it will not be possible to continue using private cars for transport in the same way as today. Public transport systems – like Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) - will have to play a larger role.” 


Today more than 50% of the world population is living in big cities and this trend is increasing. The urbanisation also puts focus on the health problems caused by the rapidly increasing emissions from the traffic. As a matter of fact, worldwide deaths per year are more linked to air pollution that to automobile accidents. It’s estimated that some 2 million people worldwide die from air pollution annually.




Scania Buses




This calls for a rapid transition to cleaner vehicles and more sustainable fuels. Today there are only 3 commercial biofuels available here and now – bioethanol, biodiesel and biogas – and this will also be the case for a foreseeable future. Bioethanol is by far the biggest of these fuels and also usually the most cost efficient and sustainable.


Scania sees biofuels as a key for decarbonizing heavy duty transport and have products available for all three – for both buses and trucks – here and now. Biofuels, if produced according to correct sustainability principles, also contributes to local energy security, create local jobs, and helps rural development.

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