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Going straight 'Off the Trail' in a Polaris RZR 800

Off-roading is more than just an adventure, it's an education. A test of man and machine where both are pushed to the limit and there isn't a classroom better than the annual NIOC off-roading jamboree to experience all this and more!
Polaris RZR 800 at NIOC



Being an avid off road enthusiast myself, I couldn’t wait for the annual NIOC off roading jamboree. The day finally came and to add to the excitement, the rain gods blessed Gurgaon with a solid shower which worked its magic to make the trail incredibly tough to navigate through thanks to the abundance of water flowing in the ravines that we were set to tackle.

I was behind the wheel of a Polaris RZR 800, courtesy Polaris India, and was all set to take on the challenges that lay ahead, but nothing could have prepared me for how my day was going to unfold. The flag-off witnessed over 75 participants taking to the wastelands around Gurgaon on a set route. Apart from the Polaris vehicles, the only other vehicles allowed to enter the event were Jeeps as the course was touted to be one of the toughest ever traversed by the NIOC.


Polaris RZR 800 at NIOC



Without further adieu, I fired up the RZR800 and made my way onto the course. We had been briefed that there are a total of 14 obstacles to tackle along the way and finally reach the finish line where lunch would be served. I gently navigated my vehicle through the tall grass and down a steep slope, then I made my way into a water filled ravine and proceeded to climb out at the far end while conquering a slush covered land bank. I was finally at obstacle number 6 when hell broke loose. As per the guidelines, I was to drive in the ravine, but due to the rain, this sector of the ravine was to be abandoned. However, the lead vehicle managed to make it through and I followed suit. Unluckily, the RZR800 finally bogged down and I was stuck in deep water, literally!

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