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Tips to prepare for Road Trips

by Priyadarshan Bawikar Posted on 13 Mar 201338,556 Views14 Comments

There is nothing like packing a few things and hitting the road in your car and just leaving the hustle-bustle of city life behind for a few days. Of course, spending long hours driving getting away from it all does present its own share of hazards. But these few simple dos and don'ts should go a long way in helping you and car do the same



Tips to prepare for road trips



Pace Yourself

Probably the most important thing to do when driving long distances is to pace yourself during the journey. Don’t try and go for some speed/distance records. Driving several hundred kilometers in a day will wear you and your car out before journey’s end. The key is to cover just about as much distance a day you’re easily comfortable with and spare your energy for the next day’s worth of driving. An exhausted driver is as hazardous on the road as a drunk one. Rememer, you’re out there to have fun after all.


Fill 'er up

It’s best to have your car totally prepped before the journey. Have you tyres, including your spare, inflated to the correct pressure, top up your engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, windshield washer and all other fluids before you hit the road.


Packing it in

Pack well for the journey - both for yourself and you car. Carry lots of water, some energy bars and some handy items like a flashlight, duct tape, etc. Also ensure you have the car’s tool kit, jack, spare wheel and medical kit on board.


A little planning doesn’t hurt

We all love adventure, but sometimes its good to have planned at least a part of the route in advance. Study a map, with close attention to the roads and places you’ll encounter along the way. It’s also a good idea to keep a map handy in the car during the journey.


Pull over when you need to

Sitting in a car seat for long durations can become quite stressful. Take short halts to stretch your legs once in a while. A dhaba along the highway is a perfect place to freshen up for the journey ahead by having some tea or going to the restroom.


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