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Rolls Royce Ghost Cars (2 Variants )(188,418 Views)


Ex-showroom Price :
3.06 to 3.09 crore in Delhi Change City

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Upside : Bespoke
Downside : Absolutely nothing!
Our Verdict : Built for the uber rich, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is the epitome of luxury and caters to a younger audience
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Editor's View : Rolls Royce Ghost

Built for the uber rich, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is the epitome of luxury. Each car is handcrafted at the Goodwood facility and the level of personalization depends on the owner of the car. Large, stylish, elegant, powerful and immensely capable, the Rolls-Royce Ghost caters to a younger audience. Every aspect of the car is like a brand in itself, be it the wood used for the dash, the hood ornament, the exquisite leather and the fine stitching to the powerful engine and iconic grille and logo

Rolls Royce Ghost colors:

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Rolls Royce Ghost Variants in DelhiChange City

Our Coverage on Rolls Royce Ghost Cars in India

Rolls-Royce Ghost

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars managed high profits courtesy its bespoke business of car personalisation


Rolls Royce Ghost V-Specification

The most powerful Ghost model costs Rs 30 lakh more than the 'standard' Ghost


rolls-royce silver dawn

The 2013 Centenary Alpine Trial celebrated a remarkable point in Rolls-Royce history. A century ago this June, four Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts embarked on the Austrian Alpine Trials, the most arduous test of automotive endurance of the time



Bentley Continental

Price Range : 2.45 to 2.60 crore


Rolls Royce Phantom II

6.10 to 6.10 crore

Rolls Royce Wraith

4.60 to 4.60 crore