Bentley Mulsanne to get plusher

Bentley will be adding a new comfort specification to the Mulsanne that will further enhance the comfort and style of the Mulsanne uber luxury limousine


Bentley Mulsanne



At the upcoming 2013 Geneva Motor Show Bentley will be introducing a range of new features to further enhance the comfort and style of the Mulsanne uber luxury limousine.  


The new comfort specification adds new entertainment features, privacy features, plush and stylish features as well as new comfort features to take the luxury quotient of the Bentley Mulsanne up a notch. 


The new comfort features includes super soft headrests that extended lower than standard headrests to ensure maximum comfort for a greater range of passenger statures and are designed to fold neatly without creasing, new foot rests for rear passengers fold under the front seats when not in use, duck down filled loose cushions enhance rear seat comfort, there are new storage spaces in the rear door arm rests that can store the new Bluetooth headsets and more.



Bentley Mulsanne interior



The rear doors now get privacy curtains (finished in black or ivory) that can be operated via the window switches by rear passengers and the driver to enhance in cabin privacy for rear seat passengers. 


The Mulsanne also gets a new entertainment system with twin, eight inch LCD headrest screens that are hooked to a 20 GB hard drive and DVD player, exquisite sound quality comes from a ‘Naim for Bentley’ premium audio system,  rear passengers get two sets of Bluetooth headphones and a remote control. 


by Abhishek Chaliha Posted on 23 Jan 2013   Views: 9015
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