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As part of your research on purchasing a vehicle from force Motors, it is a good practice to compare the price and technical specifications of the model of your choice with rival brand products. We also encourage you to view our photos of the various offerings made by force Motors.

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    • Force Gurkha : First Drive

      by Story: Abhishek Nigam Photography : Kunal Khadse on April 19, 2013 14:31 IST
      That's just what Force Motors has resorted to, to bring you the all new and even more extreme Gurkha 4x4x4. We put it to an extreme test to bring you the details
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    • Force One : Road Test

      by Abhishek Nigam Photography : Kunal Khadse on October 17, 2011 14:30 IST
      That's exactly what it is for the first personal passenger vehicle offering from Force Motors. But will this Force be the One to be reckoned with? ZigWheels takes you behind the wheels for the answer
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    • Force Motors Force One : First Drive

      Muntaser Mirkar Photography by: Sachin Kawankar on August 19, 2011 11:24 IST
      After teasing us with some really enticing pictures of the Force One and then having spotted the Force One under testing in the Himalayas, it is finally here. ZigWheels took the first passenger car product from the Force Motors portfolio for a spin even before its launch though and first impressions seem commendable!
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    • Force Gurkha : ZigWheels First Drive Pics!

      by Team ZigWheels Photography: Kunal Khadse on April 19, 2013 20:34 IST
      We put the all-new Force Gurkha 4x4x4 to an extreme test to bring you the details. The extra x4 in the Gurkha 4x4x4 means a 4-wheels steering system
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    • Force One SUV: ZigWheels First Drive Report

      by Team ZigWheels on November 14, 2011 20:49 IST
      The newest butch to parade into India's needy heavy passenger carrier segment, the Force One is a living room on four wheels and makes for a comfortable and reliable transport vehicle, especially for large groups traversing huge distances on a regular basis. ZigWheels decodes the DNA of Force Motor's first full-fledged SUV for the Indian market
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