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Chevrolet Captiva Cars (2 Variants )(217,986 Views)


Ex-showroom Price :
23.13 to 25.23 lakh in Delhi Change City

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Upside : New look adds a lot of character, Powerful engine, Features
Downside : Top end model expensive
Our Verdict : The face-lifted Captiva puts up a tempting fight with a more powerful 2.2-litre engine as standard and enhanced feature list
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Editor's View : Chevrolet Captiva

The Captiva always had a lot of potential and now with the new car GM have managed to tap just that. The new 2.2 litre engine is big on power and as a result a lot better to drive as well. The new improved looks make it one of the better looking SUV's in the market as well. All that and a host of new features make the new Captiva a good pick.

Chevrolet Captiva colors:

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Chevrolet Captiva Variants in DelhiChange City

Our Coverage on Chevrolet Captiva Cars in India

New Chevrolet Captiva

Chevrolet has quietly sneaked in a face-lifted Captiva at a price of Rs 23.49 lakh for the manual gearbox version and Rs 26.49 lakh for the automatic. Here's what new about the SUV...


Chevrolet Captiva facelift

With exterior and interior enhancements and a powerful 2.2-litre diesel engine now being offered as a standard fitment, the face-lifted Captiva has been launched in the shadows for the Indian market at a price of Rs 23.49 lakh for the manual gearbox version and Rs 26.49 lakh for the automatic


Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 AWD first drive

The four-year-old Chevrolet Captiva has just gone under the knife. But what we've ended up with is something much more than a mere face-lift



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