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Mahindra Bikes

Mahindra Bikes
The newest Indian two-wheeler company, Mahindra 2 Wheelers is working on developing a foothold in the highly competitive Indian tw-wheeler bazaar. Currently running only scooter models, the company will soon be launching motorcycles in the market.

All bikes models of Mahindra in India

Mahindra Centuro

Price Range:

43,000 to 46,700

Mahindra Duro

Price Range:

45,100 to 45,100

Mahindra Duro DZ

Price Range:

43,788 to 43,788

Mahindra Flyte

Price Range:

47,350 to 47,350

Mahindra Kine

Price Range:

33,760 to 33,760

Mahindra Pantero

Price Range:

40,709 to 44,209

Mahindra Rodeo RZ

Price Range:

46,657 to 47,257

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Mahindra Bikes News

Mahindra Racing to quit Moto3

Mahindra Racing announced that it wouldn't participate in the Moto3 class of MotoGP from 2015 season onwards but will continue to supply the MGP3O to various customer teams as a constructor


Mahindra Centuro Rockstar

The Centuro Rockstar is the cheapest Centuro available but comes with electric start and alloy wheels as standard features


Mahindra Bikes Reviews

mahindra centuro first ride

The recently launched Pantero gave us a clear idea that Mahindra is definitely serious about its presence in the Indian motorcycling scene, and the now the all-new Centuro aims to up the game even further


Mahindra Pantero review


8 OUT OF 10

Having scrapped the Stallio project in totality, the new R&D department has not only conjured up a more functional motorcycle, but gone a step ahead and bettered it in every department crucial to the commuter segment



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