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Rajiv Ranjan
Rajiv Ranjan 3.0 6 Apr 2019

I have purchased Creta Petrol Executive in Mar-19. When you will go through the creta catalog, you will see a lot of attractive features,but will you get those features ..no absolutely not. Hyundai has launched many variant of creta...each have some stand apart features but no version have got all those features. I have purchased petrol top model but it misses on many features such as, Cons of this top model: 1. No voice command- You cannot call anyone through voice command. You need to stop your vehicle to call someone from your contact list. You can only call recent dialed number through pressing a botton on steering twice . This is a big feature miss. No Hyundai have this features which is a common in s cross, Ford eco etc.2. No Auto link- Creta catalog have a dedicated page for auto link which will help monitor your vehicle health and driving pattern. But this is limited to Dual tone varient only. Creta Executive doesn"t have this feature. A big miss again.3. No child seat anchor points: This model doesn"t have this. Only automatic transmission features child seat mount. Again a big miss for creat ex.4. No 60:40 split seat: If your child wants to play inside car then this one is a great features. Even in case of three person and big luggage this feature helps. This is missing in Creta Executive.5. No Remote boot opener- it is not there though featured in it"s catalog.6. No voice recognition for GPS : A big miss again. You need connect to Android auto for voice recognition . This doesn"t work. System will always tell you " I couldn"t understand but I can learn". Disappointing.7. Low powered petrol version: don"t go by engine size . 1.6 litre petrol is fuel hungry but powerless specially when you climb an incline.8. No light in vanity mirror: My wife always tells me why it is not there when other low budget cars have this.9. No Auto retract rear view mirror: Rear view mirror doesn"t get retracted upon locking the vehicle this makes the ORVM damage prone. This feature is prevent in other cars like i20.10. Useless Mirror link: This is a feature for making Creta catalog attractive but this is useless. This comes on outdated phones which no one carry. Upon insisting, Hyundai sent a outdated phone model of 2017 which supports mirror link.11. No Tyre pressure monitoring system: This is a good safety feature specially for them who fail to recognize if their Tyre has low or no air. This can prevent a lot of accident upon Tyre air leak. Missing features in Creta.12. No 4 wheel drive: Though this is also not common in other cars.13. Hill hold not of any use: This feature is not of any use as I have experienced. I often run in hilly roads.It gives around 1 second hold when you leave brake at incline to press accelerator but I couldn"t able to use it.14. Need foot step to go inside car: For children and short height family members specially ladies. Foot step need to be fitted by dealer at extra cost and it is prone to get rubbed in walls due to projected portion. 15. Hard dashboard: it doesn"t have soft touch dashboard.Pros of this model:1. Sunroof : Entertaining for children if there is any among your family. 2. Ventilated seat: It can give a little bit of comfort during your long drive. Comes at a price of your home AC. 3. Rear View camera: Helps you park confidently.4. Premium leather seat: Looks and feel premium.5. Six air bags: It is fitted with.6. ESP: It has Electron stability program which might be working during sudden steer but not experienced so far.7. Good sound system: It features an arkamys sound system enabling you localized sound inside cabin.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 12 kmpl
Aneesh Varghese
Aneesh Varghese 2.3 11 May 2019

The clutch is so hard that my entire leg is paining. Driving on the crowded Bengaluru roads is a nightmare, especially with half clutch presses. I am afraid that my inguinal hernia would reappear due to the constant thrust that I"ve to exert with my left leg. The car requires frequent down shifts in the city traffic. I would have expected the creta to be fine in 3rd gear for the speed range of 20 - 40 kmph. At 25kmph, if you try to accelerate in 3rd gear, the response is so poor that even auto drivers would start honking from behind. You have to down shift to 2nd and immediately upshift to 3rd within a few seconds. Imagine doing this every now and then with a hard clutch. This is a bigger problem in highways. You are behind a bus waiting to overtake it at say 30kmph. For sudden acceleration you have to downshift to 2nd and immediately upshift your 3rd - all required before even you complete the overtaking.On ghat roads, it is between 2nd and 1st gears. I saw many cars going better than mine in those roads.Mileage in city varies from 7.5 to 10.5. In the highways you get around 15 to 17.The pros: ventilated seats, sunroof (let"s hot air escape fast), leather seats, spacious interiors, beautiful exteriors

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 9 kmpl
Manjunatha Hegde
Manjunatha H.. 2.7 11 Apr 2019

I own Hyundai Creta 2016 model. In past 3 years twice I noticed that, while vehicle is in move the steering wheel gets locked" and1it is a life threatening issue either to you or to 3rd party. Because in middle of the road, you couldn't use1your steering to turn until you switch off the engine and on it again. Hyundai service center couldn't provide assurance for permanent fix for this life threatening problem. Looks low quality motor sensor in steering wheel. Beware of this problem while you drive/while you buy this low standard vehicle.

Uses this car for : Occasional Commute
Gets mileage of : 15 kmpl
Bonzar Brahma
Bonzar Brahma 4.0 29 May 2019

love the easy soft handling, can turn and maneuver. The car easily in daily day to day use without any strain. Seating comfort could be better, its good but could be better. rear occupant space is good, although never got to seat there myself. 20000 kms in driver's seat in 1 and half years and still loving it. service is a little expensive and sometimes not upto mark, but could be just the service center i am visiting

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 14 kmpl
Zorawar Rattan
Zorawar Rattan 3.7 8 Oct 2019

Clutch need to replace after almost 30-35k kms else everything is best in this car using this since 3.5yrs best in pickup Ac ground clearance and some problem with breaks too is their but not too much overall nice car

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 19 kmpl kmpl
Prabhu Patel
Prabhu Patel 4.3 1 May 2019

More than satisfied with the vehicle. Makes a great daily commuter which doubles up as the occasional tourer. We have the top spec petrol version SX+. Chose the 1.6 petrol version as our daily mileage is limited or so we thought. Diesel offers better mileage as well as is zipper to drive IMHO. Tradeoff is the extra bucks for the diesel version.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 14 kmpl
Maheshwar Bose
Maheshwar Bose 4.3 11 Oct 2019


Uses this car for : Occasional Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 21 kmpl kmpl
Suresh Ghimirey
Suresh Ghimirey 4.0 28 Aug 2019

I am satisfied. Overall, this car is good. However, it feels less powered when you are climbing in a slope and you have to pullover it and start climb again.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 8 kmpl
Traveling Dairy
Traveling Dairy 5.0 9 Oct 2019

Driving comfort Long drive 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😎

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl kmpl
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma 4.7 10 Nov 2019

Amazing car if you want to daily commute. took it for 300 kms day trip and didnt feel tired at all. its an amazing experience all together

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
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