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Sachin More
Sachin More 1.0 26 Sep 2018

I from Pune and owner of WRV Petrol SMT Model,Whereas I totally disappointed by WRV Pertrol performance and its Pick up issue Specially in Slope/Ghat section, In traffic situation ..I repeatedly check with my dealer on same from First Month of Purchase to Till Date (Since more than half year)..but still they does not provide any solution and now it fustrating situation for me. Previously I owned the Honda Brio and based on its performance I like honda to consider to go for WRV model also I have shared my requirement at the time of purschasing with Sales Team as well including Safety Feature and Performance ..Whereas they recommanded me WRV Petrol engine But now It seems they have cheated me as my requirements are not getting fulfiil.Now It is life threatening experience with WRV Petrol issue due to its Pick and Performance issue .. Now I faced horrible issue with WRV Petrol car performance ..My car is not moving forward on slope, it get rolled back where as having heavy traffic on road.. it almost hit back vehicles ..This happens multiple time ..Also when I check with dealer I came to know that they are already aware about this issue and the got answer that they do not have any option to resolve this as all engine are calibrated digitally/ It as per designed. In each visit I got answer from Deccan Honda representative that after servicing It will work better but Its not true I am still facing same issue.I have invested my hard earn money to buy this vechicle for Family. Whereas It look like Honda/Dealer dosent care about customer and their issue and playing with other lives.Now It almost a year that I am following up with them for same issue and still not get proper resolution .. Now I feel that Dealer need to take this vehicle back or solve my issue and its their resposiblility that they have delayed on provinding solution.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Rajesh Gopu
Rajesh Gopu 4.3 31 May 2020

I own Honda WRV Petrol VX variant 2018 Model bought on 2018 December from Dakshin Honda ,Lavelle Road ,Bangalore .Its almost 1.5 yrs old .Till now no issues .During the lockdown perriod used to take the vechicle every week for around 5 kms .on May 10th the after travelling ~20Kms parked in a Mall .When i come back & tried to start Car is not staring at all . I towed the vechile and given to nearest Service center (Saphire Honda Service center,Bangalore) .The identied that its fuel pump issue. The part is not availblae like that they informaedIts almost 21st Day today (from May10th) .Honda not providing the part to service center.I had totally disappointed with the Honda Qulaity now !!!!.Service center in bangalore has to depends on Other states (chennai ,pune ) for the Accessaries (Fuel Pump etc)...in a city like bangalore !!!.Still waiting for the car to be ready . Hope Honda will rectify this issue soon

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
MP Bharath
MP Bharath 3.7 31 Jul 2019

I bought this vehicle in 2018 as a family car and i am quite happy with its exterior and interiors. However, i experienced its poor pick up in crowded roads and have to use lower gear which is not a good feature of the vehicle. Another instance, within 2nd month of its purchase, when traveling to Ooty, on one of the uphill roads, the engine just GAVE UP! and just dint budge because the accelerator and clutch was a failure!!When i reported this to the Honda service supervisor, they dint take it seriously and said the vehicle has to undergo couple of services to show up its true side!!Now it gets interesting...after using 25500 kms within 1 year 3 months, Clutch pressure plate and Fly wheel GAVE UP!! and i ended up spending Rs. 25,000 for putting up new parts.Now when i complained that this should not have happened since it is driven 25000 kms and not even 2 years, they came back consoling me that these Wear and Tear happens when you drive in city??What is more annoying is that these service supervisors wont allow customers to speak to mechanics who actually repaired your car, neither these service supervisors have any expertise??Engine and maintenance wise, i am against Honda WRV.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 18 kmpl
RAGHUPRASAD PK 3.0 5 Mar 2019

I have seen some reviews related to petrol version and hence I am adding mine also. Those who reviewed excellent is for the diesel version(see the mileage) and the disappointed reviews are for petrol version. I am one among the disappointed and cheated owner driving petrol version for the last 20 months. The dealer did not solve my problem regarding low pick up. So I contacted honda. They also did not solve the issue. As pointed out in another review , the vehicle rolls back when we try to move to move the vehicle upward in a steep road. It will be embarrassing, when there is another vehicle behind you. As said earlier Honda is cheating its customers with this petrol version. The vehicle is excellent for plain city road, I admit. In hilly terrain driving will be a nightmare and many times you will have to apply hand brakes to prevent the vehicle from rolling back.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car
Gets mileage of : 11 kmpl
Sajid Nazeem
Sajid Nazeem 4.3 25 Jun 2020

Excellent in long rides and city use. very good comfortable and quick acceleration as well. Getting an 24 km/l on Ecco drive and getting 19 to 21 km/l on performance drive. Negative part is Honda's Digipad, its one of the waste Digipad that i ever saw. Also break pad's life is very less. around 15k to 20k kilometres maximum, after that we need to change the Break pads.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute | Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 22 kmpl
Yashodhan Parakhe
Yashodhan Pa.. 4.7 31 Jan 2020

pros 1. A good family compact SUV or crossover with ample practical space. 2. Great power n mileage 3. Quality music output 4. One touch Sunroof. cons - 1. It's too costly n lacks features available with its near rivals ,Digipad 1.0 lacks android auto 2. No Rear AC vents 3. No Auto door lock system 4. Noisy engine 5. No parking sensors 6. No projection headlamps

Uses this car for : Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 21 kmpl
Devang Shukla
Devang Shukla 5.0 6 Mar 2019

In my WRV, I observed good milage @ 16 KMPL in city and 17+ with AC on Highway. The pick up of car is very good. I drived diesel maruti car before this. I feel I selected best now, no vibration and noise in cabin is so less tht one can enjoy music bit in slow volume due to six speakers in top model. I suggest go for top model in Honda petrol so refined engine, top make tyres, sturdy body and good boot space, less efforts in power steering. The jumpers so smooth R16 TL tyres gives less jarks in drive of car on potholes. This car is value for money. I bought dark color metallic grey, the silver finish accessories gives high effect on dark colour.

Uses this car for : Family Car
Gets mileage of : 16 kmpl
Kid Vid
Kid Vid 4.3 17 Nov 2019

WrV petrol- PROS :Smooth - Refined engine . Comfortable Ride. Good Mileage. Very Spacious . Rear seat has best in class leg room. Very airy and bright interiors due to large windows Body Roll is very minimum. Good Suspension, absorbs almost all the bumps.CONS:Back seat has no adjustable Headrests.Little lethargic, underpowered.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Partho Sarothi
Partho Sarothi 4.7 4 Jun 2020

Fantastic car with great power (diesel) good mileage 16kmpl in city 21 kmpl in highway with high driving comfort. Music system is good and a/c works well in the peak summer also. It is a car for enthusiasts who loves to drive.

Uses this car for : Daily Commute
Hiren Shah
Hiren Shah 3.0 14 Jul 2020

Under power is it's main draw back. The vehicle doesn't move forward easily unless and until we shift gears. The gear box isn't smooth enough resulting in jerks. Wish the company looks in these matters at the earliest.

Uses this car for : Family Car | Tours
Gets mileage of : 8 kmpl
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