New Mahindra Peugeot scooter range unveiled

ZigWheels brings to you a glimpse of the range of scooters to be assembled and launched in India by Mahindra Peugeot


Mahindra Peugeot range of scooters

Mahindra has acquired 51 per cent stake in Peugeot Motorcycles (PMTS) and this partnership is expected to bring a range of Peugeot scooters to India, to be assembled and sold here.


ZigWheels has access to pictures of the entire range of scooters brought in to India, apparently to carry out R&D, before Mahindra Peugeot starts assembling them here for the Indian market.


In all, six Peugeot scooters have been spotted in India, ranging from the three-wheeled Metropolis 400 to the retro cool Django.



Mahindra Peugeot Metropolis 400i


First up, is the top of the line three-wheeled Metropolis 400i, featuring a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled 400cc engine which makes a whopping 37PS of power. This isn’t a light scooter, tipping the scales at 278kg.


And it’s got both front and rear disc brakes too, in addition to other premium features like DRLs, parking brake, driver and passenger backrests and adjustable windscreen.



Mahindra Peugeot Satelis


Next is the Satelis scooter, which is available in both 300cc and 125cc engine versions, both 4-stroke liquid cooled units with automatic transmission and front and rear disc brakes. We’re not sure which version this one is, since both variants look near identical.




Citystar amd Django


The Citystar is a 125cc scooter, again with a 4-stroke engine that makes an impressive 14PS of power. It comes in both an air-cooled as well as a liquid-cooled version. It’s not a light scooter at 150kg and the liquid-cooled version adds 5 kg more to its weight. Braking is again handled by discs, both front and rear.


Next to the Citystar sits the Django, with retro cool styling. The Django is also powered by a 4-stroke 125cc engine, an air cooled one, and is good for 10PS of power.



Speedfight 3 and Streetzone


Then there’s the Speedfight 3 (125cc Darkside) in black, with orange highlights and graphics. As the name suggests, the Speedfight 3 features a 125cc air-cooled engine and makes 10PS power. It’s moderately lighter than the other scooters at 114kg and comes equipped with disc brakes front and rear.


Next to the Speedfight 3 sits the 50cc Streetzone, the smallest scooter here, featuring a 50cc air-cooled 2-stroke engine which makes 4PS of peak power. With its small displacement engine, the Streetzone weighs 87kg, but comes equipped with a front disc brake and rear drum.


Expect this range of scooters to appear in showrooms beginning next year. Mahindra already has its own range of scooters in India, but those cater to the affordable and mass market segment. The Peugeot range, with their premium features and relatively more powerful engines, are expected to be positioned more in line with Vespa.

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