KTM 1290 Super Duke R to be unveiled on September 29

KTM has created a dedicated website of the 1290 Super Duke R according to which the bike will be unveiled on September 29 and will most likely be launched at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan starting November 5

KTM enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for the unveiling of the 1290 Super Duke R rejoice! The Austrian manufacturer is all set to unveil the bike on September 29 and has started a dedicated website with countdown timer reflecting the time left for the unveiling. Though the unveiling is on September 29, the 1290 Super Duke R's global launch will likely be at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan, Italy, starting November 5. 


As part of its pre-launch marketing campaign, KTM has also released a teaser video of the bike in action. But it is no secret how the new offering would look like since pictures of the 1290 Super Duke R were leaked in July itself. The images were posted by an employee of the Kiska Design agency; the firm responsible for designing it on his blog during a special pre-launch preview to KTM American dealers. 



KTM 1290 Super Duke R Patriotic Edition and the concept model (leaked image)



Visually there is hardly any difference between the production version and the concept shown at the 2012 EICMA Motor Show, which is a good thing. The major differences are the headlamps and the exhaust. The funky headlamp design is a love or hate it affair though personally I like them. The chunky looking exhaust pipe has been retained from the one seen on the test mules and is in sync with the aggressive design language of the machine. 



KTM 1290 Super Duke R Patriotic Edition (leaked image)



Overall the design of the bike is very sharp and edgy which works in KTM’s favour. It would be interesting to see whether KTM would retain the same design on the production model after the images were leaked. No details are available on the mechanical front but it is been speculated that the bike would be powered by the RC8-sourced V-twin which has been bored to 1195cc and would pump out close to 190-200PS of power. 



KTM 1290 Super Duke R concept model



If this is true, then the 1290 Super Duke R would be one of the most powerful production naked bikes on sale and one fire breathing beast to tame. The Austrian bike manufacturer has provided all the necessary electronic nanny to help the rider from being bitten by the brute like ABS, traction control, stoppie and wheelie protection. But if you like being a hooligan and do some stunts, well no worries as you can disengage stoppie and wheelie protection on your will.  


It is doubtful whether KTM would bring the 1290 Super Duke R to our shores but if they would, be ready to shell out a hefty premium, since the bike would be brought in via the CBU (completely built unit) route.


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