Better than the Nissan Sunny

By yasar on 02 Oct 2012 , User Rating: , Views: 2449)
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Performance Very Good
Styling Good
Ride & Comfort Very Good
Fuel Efficiency Very Good
Pasenger Space Very Good
Maintenance Cost Very Good
Detailed Review

Okay, so it looks good but is priced very high. After test driving many cars, I decided to opt for the Nissan Sunny. But then I heard news about its rebadged version, Renault Scala. And I personally like Renault more than the Nissan as a brand, so I decided to wait for this car. And trust me it was worth the wait. The Scala is far better than the Sunny when it comes to looks and features. Both cars share the same engine which I have driven already and I am happy with its performance. The features that company announced makes the Scala a lucrative package: leather upholstery, Start and Stop technology, Rear AC blowers and other features are additional and these are not available with the Sunny. The car has launched and I am looking forward to booking this car as soon as possible. Renault Scala is the perfect car for me as it has a nice blend of features, spaciousness and comfort. On the whole I love this car and this is what I have desired.

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