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  • 5.0

    Writing review for ecosport diesel thunder variant driving experience is amazing especially in cities.Pick up is superb with diesel engine in city as well as highways.Have driven the max stretch of 600-700 kms a day and didn't feel any lag or tiring.Comfortable with 4 adults and 1 childgood ride handling.A pillars could be trouble in view while turningbuild quality is awesome much better to the competitors.Fuel average if you drive decently keeping accelerator in control can get you to 17-18kmpl.Highways keep your speed within 80 easily 21-22interior and exterior dual tone looks very sporty.Especially with the partial black sticker on bonnet.Music system is really good.Still can't compare to bose thoughif mileage not on priority hit the accelerator and you will see the power of the dragon engine.Haven't gone above 120, Till there don't feel any vibrations and or any wobble in steeringafter sales- been using fiesta both models, Aspire till date haven't faced any major issues with service.It has been always at par to satisfaction with ks ford.Ecosport 1st service is due in some months.Although heard it's the lowest to its competitors.If ford isn't been planning to leave india then would have recommended to everyone to get this robust machine to thier home.

  • 4.7

    The Family car of my house . dad gifted this car to my mom on 22/09/19 after her grand i10 drowned in floods in baroda and went in total loss and she generally uses it in the city and i use it occasionally to college (50kms both up and down) and this is the best compact SUV in india . Take anything its the best - highest water wading capacity (REQUIRED in baroda 😂) , looks , power , SAFETY , features are not too tacky but all available are useful in daily times , mileage , ground clearance, We recently took our Fordy out in the diwali from baroda - ajmer - jaipur for 5 days and 2400 kms we just had to refuel (full tank ) it just twice for 3200 rs each. first full tank from baroda on the first day and the second one while leaving from Jaipur and we came back home in half tank pending . means 4800 was the fuel price for this trip gave us close to 22-23 KMPL. Totally worth it . i planned to buy a venue for me now this Feb'20 but why would i if i have uska baap at home ❤ ?

  • 4.7

    I bought titanium plus automatic model.I was very impressed with the safety features but was worried about the mileage part, as almost all reviews said , poor mileage.. around 8 km in city drive and about 10-11 km on highway.. since my usage was limited , took the risk and bought it. Now. I am pleasently surprised to note that the mileage I am getting is much higher. In city bumper to bumper traffic with AC on, I am getting around 10 , and with moderate city traffic the mileage is around 11-12. However on highway I got 15 km with AC on.. which is very good considering it is an automatic transmission. I have driven about 2000 km and keeping the RPM around 2000-2500, as it is still engine run in phase. It depends on the driving pattern as well and I switch off the engine if the wait for green signal is more than 60 second, probably it helps.

  • 3.0

    I purchased Ford Ecosport on 14th Feb 2020. Soon after the purchase, noises has been coming from different sides of the car. The dashboard, the four side doors, and even from the back, it keeps making non continuous noises. These noises are causing me irritation and distraction while driving. I got car's first service at 3000km which was a little late due to nationwide lockdown. Even after the service, noises/ sounds keep coming from either parts. The sounds sometimes stop coming own their own and sometimes don't stop at all. Its very troublesome and extremely annoying. I purchased Ford car because it has been reviewed as good quality/ heavy material built car but I am highly disappointed and unsatisfied with it. My experience with the Ford is a drastic let down.

  • 4.5

    A brilliant car with best combination between the engine and the automatic gearbox...the gearbox works very..the gears shift is too fast and isnt lagy in any way -10/10 for gearbox and engine.There are enough features that can make u feel happy,comfortable. High speed stability is too good...u can take a sharp turn even in triple didgit speeds.Space in the rear is a bit of issueMileage that i got was 10-12 in the city and 14-15 on highway if you drive in linear wayIf u need any automatic SUV, just go for this one....its the both of performance and feature....its truely a performance orientated car...Reaally happy after purchasing this isntead of venue

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