Gear Review: Ixon Falcon: One-piece Leather Suit

Ixon’s middle of the line Falcon is priced sensibly and looks promising too, but is it a “serious” enough option for the sport rider?

Buying a one-piece leather suit is a serious commitment for the keen rider. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner looking to sort out the basics or a pro wanting to slash lap times, the right suit can speed up the process while bringing him or her a lot of peace of mind. For this, comfort, convenience, safety and the right look have to come together to make the suit the right fit.

The Falcon, their middle of the line offering, is the second suit from Ixon that I have used. Does it feel good enough that newbies should stretch for it, while being a good fit for the pros too?

Suit Name: Ixon Falcon
Size: XL (52)
Price: Rs 52,000 (incl GST) (List price, Online)

Colours available - Black; grey, black and white; red, black and white

Leather - Cowhide
Perforated: Yes. Chest, leg, arms and thighs
Leather: Flexible
Armor - CE Level 1
Knee slider - Yes
Elbow slider - Not available
Mesh lining - Yes
Weight: 4kgs
Size tested - XL

Rider Details:
Height - 5’6”
Weight - 83kg
Waist - 36”
Chest - 44”
Hips - 42”
Body type: Stocky


Our Falcon did not seem like a cool design when I first unpacked it. I was underwhelmed by the suit’s black-white-grey colour scheme that leans heavily towards white. Personally I would have preferred this combination, but for photography the red-black-white combination alternative offered by Ixon would “pop” better. However, any concerns regarding coolness were erased when we used it for the first photo shoot, which was the 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS in Spain. As it turns out, even these subdued colours used in an asymmetrical manner make the suit stand out nicely. The right side of the suit is finished in grey while the left is finished in white, starting from the arms, going all the way down to the legs. If looking good is important, then this Ixon has you covered. However, if you are planning on dragging your elbow anytime soon you will need to step up to the Vortex2.

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Fit & protection
The Falcon had won my admiration and attention even before I saw the photographs because of its comfort quotient, which was reinforced as I spent more time with it. A quick first examination showed that the suit was thoughtfully designed and had the basics in place. Soft neoprene fabric around the collar, flaps to cover the zippers and softly padded pockets for the armour showed that rider comfort was on top priority. The leather also feels supple to the touch.

When you put it on you realise the design for the suit isn’t an aggressive race fit and so feels a bit roomy, but it strikes a sweet balance that will feel right for track and street use. Even though my height is short as per the suit’s specifications, it doesn't feel baggy or clumsy, but it will fit taller riders even better. It is a design that will work for the “healthy” riders out there. Putting the suit on or taking it off is quite a breeze too thanks to the mesh lining and the stretch panels on the arms and calves. One key advantage of the Falcon is that at four kilograms it felt lighter than entry-level suits like the Ixon Pulsar that I have also used. The perceptible lightness also makes putting it on and moving around in it much easier. Overall, this is a suit that will require little break-in time before you get comfy with it.

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Once you get going you realise that the abundantly perforated leather allows for ample ventilation. The chest and thigh panels are heavily perforated while the arms have fewer “pores” for air flow. It actually feels breezy, which for a leather suit is shocking. I have used the suit in Spain where it was cool, and in Chennai where it was absolutely hot and sweaty. In the cooler climes of Spain it took a few solid track sessions to get me sweaty. In Chennai, where dehydration is a concern the breeziness was quite apparent and helped lessen the fatigue. When riding hard on the track the suit allows for a good range of movement too. If there was one grouse it was wrist closure, which felt a bit narrow.

In terms of protection, the suit is packed with CE Level 1 armour for the shoulders and hips. The shoulders also get moulded rubber panels for added protection. For back protection you will need to opt for an add-on. Ixon claims that the suit is ready to be paired with their airbag vest if you would like to step up the safety quotient significantly.

Convenience & features

The Falcon makes for an easy suit to live with as well because of the features it packs. It has a mesh liner to make getting out of the suit easy. There are two pockets sewn into the liner to carry keys or your phone on the ride. There is a double zipper for the main closure which makes it easier to use when you need to head to the restroom. Since the suit design isn’t skin tight and track focussed, standing around in it isn’t tiresome either. I was also pleasantly surprised by the high quality knee sliders that came with the suit. Often, knee sliders can wear out very quickly, but these ones provide a good feel and are long lasting too.

Sadly, while the aerodynamic hump is hollow and can be used to store hydration, there is no passage for the water pipe from here.


When compared to the entry level suit from Ixon I used earlier, the Falcon feels like a significant step up in terms of features, but most importantly in terms of comfort. Remember, any gear that you feel at ease in will be something you are likely to wear more often. That is especially important when talking about a leather suit in Indian conditions. On these fronts, the Ixon Falcon delivers emphatically. The fit might not appeal to hardcore track-day riders, but for a mix of track and street this suit will be just fine. Its practical features make it easy to live with too. Although, the white colour will require regular upkeep in our dusty conditions. While the Falcon has a few minor shortcomings, at its price tag it is hard to complain about them. Quite simply, the Falcon is an easy to recommend suit for a variety of riders.

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