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  • 4.6

    Royal Enfield classic proved to be my desire fulfilling bike. I choose royal Enfield because of its elegant design, performance, engine thump and all above its royal legacy which has been carried out for decades.Though, i had other options as well but i preferred choosing the beast over the goats. It has tremendous style possessing the macho feel as while riding u don"t feel like riding a regular one because u are on the beast. As far as performance and mileage is concerned, i can take out a 40+ average even in city traffic. The bike feels a little bulky and clutch stiffens once hands get pain in the traffic for the initial rider. So you can"t complain, because if you are complaining then it's like asking a beast to treat you gently. Hence for me, it's not a big deal. I have been using this machine for more than 22 months and rode it almost for 27,5001 km but still didn't face any breakdown even a trifle. My both hands up showing thums up after experiencing classic in all the terrains ( considering it"s not a dirt bike) and i can say if you have that skill to ride your beast effectively then it can take you anywhere. You are not the one who decides to choose the royalty,It's the royalty who decides whom to choose.So if you believe that you have that spirit, passion for the beast then you go for it. Otherwise you will die complaining like others for the heavy weight, mileage, stiff shock absorbers and clutches, less pickup and other things which doesn't matter for a true Enfielder.

  • 5.0

    Hi everyone i have 2015 classic 350 black and here is my long term review... Everyone saying RE is dumb very slow like elephant etc blah blah.., first i want to say this motorcycle is not for everyone mainly not for skinny one"s and also many of them saying it shaking while going at 80kmph... it means you haven"t strength to control this 200kg tank, its not have aerodynamic body shape to cut the wind like KTM rc, ns, r15 so it shaks bit on top speed by wind you need strength to control it... im 6.2 feet tall and bit heavier too GYM boy for me i haven"t face any vibration... it shaks only while top speed at 130kmph not in 80kmph so no doubt its truly a beast... u will feel the 350cc raw power while driving, it easily touches 80km at 4th gear then 100kmph on 5th gear without stress it feels like roaring rocket on top speed and best part is the mileage it gives 35 to 40kmpl its enough for this 200kg raw 350cc air-cooled engine motorcycle... im fully satisfied!!!

  • 3.8

    हमेशा झनझनाहट की आवाज आती है इसलिए चलाने में लगता है कि हमारे बुलेट में कोई प्रॉब्लम है लेकिन सर्विस सेंटर में बताया जाता है कि सब ठीक है और फर्स्ट गियर में बहुत ही तीज की आवाज आती है थैंक्स

  • 5.0

    I love to ride Royal Enfield Classic350, last week Saturday I was returning from my office n was is in the speed of 90 n there was a dig out pit in front of me n I couldn't slowdown n I couldn't see cause der was a four infront of me, but i went through that pit n my Royal Enfield didn't even shake, if it is would have been any other bike may be I would have fallen, because of the heavyweight of the RE I was safe, thanks to my Royal Enfield....

  • 3.0

    riding a royal enfeild is not about getting mielage,not about getting high end performance,its all about maintaining the retro feel of the bike to suit ur style, if you want mielage and minimum performance go for the hornrt 160 or gixxer 150,if u want performance and minimum mielage go for apache rtr 200 4v or pulser rs 200 or ri5 4v,if u want high performance and dont care about mielage go for dominar 400 excellent bike

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  • 5.0

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 is best bike

  • 5.0

    I love the bike Royal Enfield.. . n I need to buy that bike soo I want Royal Enfield

  • 5.0

    im very happy for driving this vehicle

  • 4.6

    Good performance .Some times get a small complaints. Use in manually very nice.

  • 4.2

    Coool bikeee you Will love it

All Classic 350 User Reviews