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  • Luxurious sedan

    I think it's the most luxurious sedan available in india.And still not the most expensive good power but you hardly need that much power.To sum up the backseat experience is as best as it can get with the recliner seat that's why it's my favourite among all cars.Travelling either girlfriend or wife makes it even more special as you can do stuff in there and get little kinky.

  • Firstly i would say that

    Firstly i would say that the work done by the engineer is brilliant the appearance the look of the car is amazing i would appreciate the engineers who had made this much of car very wonderful this car is very comfortable i love this car its supb.The work done by the engineers is very detailed and every thing has been installed perfectly this car is having good feature giving 5980 cc and v12 engine given a very good speed of 250km/hthat's my review on this car.

  • Driving experience

    The driving experience is awesome.I use it to go to office daily.Last month we bought another maybach because my father liked it so much that we also had to get one for him.The comfort is awesome.The after all service is awesome.We like the benz so we thought to go ahead with mahavir motors.Because we chose mahavir motors we trusted them and bought 2 gold maybac hand 5 e class long wheel base.Now we are planning on going on a world ride to malaysia with our cars.When the mayanamar borders open then we will go.

  • Very good serviceing good

    Very good laxury car i am empress when i saw this car

  • It's all feature is amazing.Very

    It's all feature is amazing.Very very comfortable s - class.


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