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  • 4.0

    Its an AMT .Use for Daily office 8 KM + 8 KM= 16KM daily in bumper traffic takes more than 1 hour to reach 8 KM, in such situation gives a mileage of 12KM / Litter of petrol with out AC. Easy to drive in bumper traffic , no Need to press accelerator to move few yard in traffic just run on removing the break. As no gear , hence no thinking about changing gear and pressing clutch.No need to think what will happen if clutch and accelerator will not match. As i am using the same from 11 months, hence no cost till now on service. Being compact , Easy to Park and turn in small space. Good AC. Equipped with Driver side airbag, seat belt indicator. open door indicator etc. Alarm will ring if key removed without switching of head light. Manual central locking facility means all door will be closed in case of driver door is closed. child look will open only on removing key from ignition. Ignition will not work unless gear is not moved to neutral so protect ignition switch. Good ground clearance.

  • 3.7

    I am driving my alto K10 vxi 2012 for 7 years now and last year(6th year) we went for a trip which was to our home town 610km but there was no over heat because of liquid cooled engine, we were 4 with luggage i could feel 6 people were sitting but not even a lag due to it's 1.0L engine, i would let you know the way was hill so you can guess how my car was tested. If you are looking for city rides and also sudden trips like me for 500-600kms then without any complain i would like to suggest you alto k10. Now for the down backs= the passenger side headrest isn't there which wasn't good, boot space is quiet less.

  • 3.7

    Alto k10 is a good Car for daily commute in heavy city traffic.I feel Seats are not comfortable which can be improved and interior plastic quality and switches quality should be improved. Otherwise it is good option for replacing two wheeler. What we can expect in this price . But mileage is best. I am getting mileage of 24 kmpl on highway. Hope company will improve this car as and when required.

  • 3.7

    Beginners car...we bought it in Feb 2011. Mileage in Kolkata traffic was 15kmpl(30km daily for 1st 7 years; 115km weekly since last 2 years). Our driver has maintained it well. Distance till date is around 90k km. Changed suspension in 2016. Ride comfort had degraded after 4 years. Didn"t he last 2 years, mainatinance cost was above 9k and 2 times per year.

  • 4.3

    Its a good car for the price you pay. We use for a 4 adult+ Kid trips of more than 04 days and believe me, if you pack well, you can carve out space for shopped items on the way back home. But rattling is an issue even the service center people acknowledge not being resolved which developes after some use.Over all big recommendation.!!

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  • 2.0

    If i get into accident i will die 110% sure. I am almost 6 ft i barely fit.

  • 4.7


  • 1.0

    very fantastic but boot space and security problemI want to upgrade

  • 3.0

    Is a ok city vehicle for small family.

  • 5.0

    Awesome performance and good looking

All Alto K10 User Reviews