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  • 4.2

    good low maintenance stylish bike

  • 3.4

    it's used for 14+ years now, seriously getting down and so much of trouble it's making back to back..

  • 4.6

    Other than head light shape i am satisfied with all other features.Right now i have silencer problem but unable to get new one.Searching for second hand.

  • 2.2

    Not up to the mark, mileage is reduced after 1 year of my bike purchase.Clutch box is getting issue and heating regularly.

  • 5.0

    we've bought discover 125 ug.... it's really amazing machine...as compared to shine sp 125 its far better machine in terms of mileage and maintenance but it's not as refined as shine ..still it won't make hole in your pocket

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  • 3.8

    Good for daily commutes. Don't make high expectations on mileage as its is giving 63 kmpl on the most sensible way of riding with mild throttling on a highway ride. Performance is decent and definitely above par in 125cc segment. Clutch feel is not so good as jerks may happen in using clutyh to start moving the bike on elevations. Gearbox also have a lot of false neutrals to deal with. But if shifted at above 3000rpm it is smooth and no issues will be faced. Bike has a lot of vibrations post 4000rpm all the way up.My verdict: It is a no nonsense commuter that can go anywhere if mentained properly.

  • 5.0

    १)भारती२) अडचणीत देशासाठी धावून येणारा समुह.३)माईलेज ४) देखभाल खर्च कमी.५)खराब रस्त्यावरही चांगली.६)मी बजाजच्या २गाड.या वापरल्या आहेत.त्यातली आत्ताची गाडी जवळपास १० वर्षांपासून वापरतोय.यावरून मी मत मांडले.

  • 4.2

    It is actually a bajaj discover 150s, but it was not listed, so I had to select the 125. My experience with the 150s has been amazing for every ride. I toured on it, commuted, revd when needed. It cuts through traffic like air. I have replaced its stalk handle bar with a pulsar one, so that adds to maneuver easily too. The suspension is great. Mileage is the trademark of bajaj bikes. The only place bajaj needs to work on is their overall quality of the product. The usage of low quality material which reflects in the fit and finish and the ride quality should be overcome. I am sure people would like to pay more and get a better bajaj for themselves.

  • 1.0

    Very bad and never want to buy the bike Bajaj or discover again. Request you guys to not to buy because in Bangalore the service cost is very high compared to others state of India and mileage performance and all is very poor. Because I expected a lot of mileage in discover and I buy discover but I am getting only 45kmpl mileage

  • 1.0

    Ok Not so comfortable.Low average 55-60 noisy.Khad khad ki awake common problem hai Bajaj ki bykes me.kitne bhi nut bolt kaso dhile hokar bhke khad khad awaj karne lagti hai. Bajaj ke dealers bahut hi thake huve lutaroo Aur kaamchor hai.mechanic bhi. Puri problem kabhi solv nahi hoti unse shayad Kam ata nahi ya alsi hai

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