Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6: Your Questions Answered

Does it still have the signature ‘dug dug’? What about the vibrations?

We weren’t entirely expecting it, but Royal Enfield updated its Classic 350 to meet BS6 emission norms by adding fuel injection and an additional catalytic converter. We recently had a chance to ride the bike, and you guys have thrown some interesting questions at us in the comments section of our review. Here are all the answers:

How are the accessories like the touring mirrors and touring seat?

Well, it’s a mixed bag. The touring seat is well-padded and does a good job of isolating you from road imperfections and getting rid of the bouncy feel of the stock seat. It also looks premium, and at just Rs 2,400, it’s quite well priced too, making it something we would definitely recommend.

The mirrors, on the other hand, are a bit of a disappointment. The field of view is average, at best, and even though they seem quite beefy and well built, the Rs 4,000 each price tag means you can give these a miss without much thought.

How are alloys safer and more practical for our roads?

Well, another item on the accessories list are alloy wheels which we would definitely recommend. Sure, they might not gel as well as the wire-spoke units with the rest of the bike’s appearance, but alloys mean you can mount tubeless tyres which are safer in the event of a puncture (due to more gradual deflation) and far more convenient to patch/repair.

Are the sound and vibrations still the same?

We would’ve liked the sound to remain the same and the vibrations to reduce, but unfortunately, the opposite has happened. The crippling vibrations beyond 85kmph are still present, but the trademark ‘dug dug’ exhaust note has now become subdued.

How about pillion comfort?

The Classic, being a fairly large motorcycle, offers a decent amount of space for the pillion as well. The seating posture is upright, roomy and comfortable, and the touring seat hits the spot once again. If you want to take your significant other along with you for long journeys, you won’t face too many issues on the Classic. Provided, they can bear the vibes, that is.

Why so much praise for such an outdated and overpriced motorcycle? Is your video a paid promotion?

Unless explicitly mentioned in the title or the video itself, none of our videos are paid promotions for the manufacturer, most certainly NOT our reviews. Royal Enfield has addressed a few important shortcomings of the Classic 350 with this BS6 update, and we have delivered our unbiased opinion of the same.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Video Review

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