Yamaha flexes web muscles for 2010 VMAX sale

The latest version of Yamaha's international dragstrip demolisher can now be reserved exclusively through its portal


We at ZigWheels have always believed in the power of the internet to reach out to like-minded bike-fanatics, so this small bit of news on the wires caught our attention immediately. The revival of the Yamaha VMAX brand last year was met with excessive enthusiasm as far as riders were concerned, but it seems that the company now wants to take matters on the web frontier for the VMAX?s 2010 edition. Yamaha has made it impossible for someone without a net connection to book the new bike - reservations are being taken exclusively through the international website www.new-vmax.com!



The limited yearly production run has resulted in tremendous demand for this monster 1,679cc V4-engined motorcycle - in fact, centralizing reservations through the website means that the company will be able to meet the demand in a more organized manner. At an approximate price of Rs 14 lakh, the VMAX is an expensive motorcycle by international standards (most superbikes lie beween the Rs 6-8 lakh mark), but with 200PS of power on the tap and stupefying acceleration figures it is one of the most sought after power cruisers in the world.


Dealers are still being kept in the redundant reservation loop, because even they can reserve new bikes for their customers only through the website. We have our doubts as to how many customers would ride down to the dealer?s for something they can do from the comforts of their own computer chairs. The only downside and a big one at that - India does not figure on list of country options. Someday..is all we can say.

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