Upcoming Cars of 2014 under Rs 5 Lakh

Looking to buy a car under Rs 5 Lakh? We bring you a detailed analysis of what is coming to Indian shores in 2014



Upcoming Cars Under 5 Lakh



The Indian Public will have a dearth of choices for cars under Rs 5 Lakh in 2014 with manufacturers like Volkswagen and Skoda finally getting into the numbers game. Hyundai will have a relatively quiet year in this segment next year but expect alot of movement from the likes of Maruti suzuki and Tata Motors. The Bajaj RE60 too will finally see the light of day in 2014. The biggest car of the year in the segment though will be the Datsun Go and it will surely churn up alot of excitement and movement in this sector. 


Bajaj RE 60

Expected Launch: Mid 2014

Expected Price: Under Rs 1.25-2.50 Lakh


Bajaj RE60



We start off with the cheapest car that will hit the streets next year. The Bajaj RE60 will be classified as a ‘Quadricycle’ hence exempting it from several safety and emissions regulations. However, don’t be fooled by the diminutive size of the RE60 as it is very much going to be a useable, 4-seater automobile. While the RE60 will be used more as a city car, we do expect it to sell in decent numbers, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Although currently, as per regulations, the RE60 cannot be sold to individuals, expect the RE60 to replace the aging auto rickshaw by the end of the decade.


Datsun GO

Expected Launch: Early 2014

Expected Price: Rs 3.5–4.5 Lakh


Datsun Go+



The Datsun Go is one of the most anticipated cars of 2014. With prices expected to be under the Rs 4 Lakh mark for the basic cars, the Datusn Go will most certainly create waves in the cut throat Indian Automotive scene. With the 1.2 Litre petrol and the 1.5 Litre (or smaller) diesel engine from the Micra slated to do duty in the Go, expect the new Datsun to be a hoot to drive. Not only will the Go platform be used to make a hatchback but as we have already mentioned in our ‘MUVs for 2014’ story, the platform has spawned an MUV and will spawn a sub-4 meter sedan and a sub-4 meter SUV in the near future too. The Datsun GO’s funky interiors coupled with the well styled body will certainly make it a crowd favorite and a serious threat to the likes of the Suzuki Alto, Wagon R and Hyundai’s Eon and i10 family.




Volkswagen Up

Expected Launch: Mid 2014

Expected Price: Rs 4.00-6.00 Lakh


Volkswagen Up



With Volkswagen having generally slowed down their pace in 2013, the upcoming year seem to be an important year for the German giant. The Volkswagen UP is one of the most significant car launches of 2014 and will be priced to take on the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R, the Hyundai i10 family and the Datsun GO. Priced significantly lower than the likes of the Polo, the UP will be based on an all new platform which will be shared by the likes of the Skoda Citigo. The Up will be powered by a 1.0 Litre engine that will produce either 60PS or 75PS depending on the state of tune Volkswagen decides to offer in the country. Also expect a small diesel engine to power the Up, details of which are still a little sketchy. Volkswagen will be pricing the Up extremely competitively as with the UP they will be going headfirst into the highly cut throat volume segment of the Indian automotive industry. We also think Volkswagen might equip the UP with an Automatic gearbox to take on other small automatics like the A-Star and Grand i10 head on.



Skoda Citigo

Expected Launch: Mid 2014

Expected Price: Rs 3.70-5.70 Lakh


Skoda Citigo



The Skoda Citigo is the badge engineered version of the Volkswagen Up. With less spec on the interior front and a slightly less beautiful exterior, the Skoda Citigo will garner massive public response if launched at the price we estimate.  The Citigo will be powered by the same 1 Litre engine and will make 60-75PS depending on how Skoda tunes the engine. Like the Volkswagen Up, Skoda’s Citigo will push Skoda into the mainstream manufacturers segment. This means Skoda will have to strengthen its dealership network and more importantly it’s after sales network if it intends to create a dent into the likes of Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Tata Motors. The Skoda Citigo will be priced extremely competitively at about Rs 3.50-5.50 lakhs, which will be about Rs 30 thousand less than the equivalent Volkswagen Up.



Maruti-Suzuki Cervo 

Expected Launch: Early 2014

Expected Price: Rs 2.00-3.50 Lakh


Maruti-Suzuki Cervo



The Maruti Cervo is set to be priced cheaper than the already cheap Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. The Cervo though will be more of a ‘tallboy’ hatchback as compared to the likes of the Alto800. However, expect the exact same power train, suspension and other mechanical components to be shared with other Maruti offerings. With the introduction of the Cervo, Maruti will go head on with the already faltering Tata Nano. Expect the Cervo to be powered by a 800cc engine and to come with a CNG variant within a few months of launch. 



Maruti-Suzuki A-Star facelift

Expected Launch: Early 2014

Expected Price: Rs 3.5-5.5 Lakh


Maruti Suzuki A-Star Facelift



Maruti will continue its product salvo early in the year with the launch of the new Maruti-Suzuki A-Star facelift. The new facelift has already debuted in China features edgy styling as compared to the older curvaceous styling that we have currently. The new A-Star will feature similar proportions overall and will have the same mechanicals as it currently does. The new A-Star will be powered by the K10 engine and will be available in both Petrol and CNG options. Apart from the redesigned front, the A-Star facelift might also get the new smaller diesel engine that Maruti-Suzuki has been working on recently. The facelift combined with a possible diesel option may propel the A-Star to greater popularity.



Maruti-Suzuki Wagon R / Stingray Diesel

Expected Launch: Early 2014

Expected Price: Rs 3.25-4.75 Lakh


Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Diesel



The Wagon R has long been one of Maruti’s best selling models due to its sheer versatility and driving ease. Currently, the Wagon R is available only in a Petrol or CNG option. However, Maruti will soon be plonking a diesel engine into the Wagon R, making it one of the best ‘value for money’ cars ever. In all probability, the same 1.3 DDiS engine that powers the Swift will power the Wagon R too producing in the region of 75PS of peak power. If priced correctly, expect the Wagon R’s sales figures to surge like never before possibly even overtaking the Alto to gain the number 1 spot in India.



Tata Nano Update and Diesel

Expected Launch: Late 2014

Expected Price: Rs 1.5-2.75 Lakh


Tata Nano Updates



The Tata Nano has fizzled out both in terms of popularity and in terms of sales figures in recent times due to several issues. Predominantly, Tata’s positioning as the ‘cheap car’ may be to blame for the long-term failure of the Nano. The Nano though is not a bad car for what it costs and the new updated Nano that was launched a few months ago has incredible fit and finish considering how cheap it actually is. Mechanically though, with the exceptions of small improvements in certain areas, the Nano has remained unchanged since launch. Now though, the new Nano is all set to get a long awaited upgrade: Power Steering. This first upgrade will come in the mid-2014 time frame followed by the highly anticipated Nano Diesel and new turbocharged petrol engine options. Although there have been very strong rumors to suggest that the Nano Diesel project has been internally scrapped due to Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) issues, the time and money spent on the project will ensure that the Nano Diesel will see light of day. The New Nano will also receive a facelifted front and rear bumper and will see a slight redesign in the headlights and tail lights as well. The new Nano will also feature an operable tailgate for east access to both the boot and the engine compartment.



Chevrolet Beat Facelift 

Expected Launch: Early 2014

Expected Price: Rs 3.75-5.00 Lakh


Chevrolet Beat Facelift



The Chevrolet Beat is one of the funkiest hatchbacks one can buy in India. Made famous by the ‘Transformers’ series of movies, the Beat features crisp futuristic styling and a futuristic interior. However, the new Beat will take the styling quotient to another fathom with edgy details on the front bumper coupled with an even larger grille combined with Chevrolet’s bowtie logo placed prominently in the centre. The interiors too will get a touch of spice in certain places with a reworked console and upholstery. The Beat will feature both a petrol and diesel mill, the same that powers the small Chevy currently.



Kia Picanto 

Expected Launch: End 2014

Expected Price: Rs 4.00-5.50 Lakh


Kia Picanto



Kia, the Korean automotive giant, will soon foray into the Indian automotive market sharing cars and platforms with its parent company, Hyundai. The Picanto, based on the current generation Hyundai i10 will share both engines and underpinnings from the Hyundai i10. Although it is not certain how Hyundai will position the Kia brand and the Picanto in general but we assume the Kia will be priced slightly higher than the Hyundai i10. The Kia Picanto will share the same engine options as the new Grand i10 and will come powered by both a petrol and diesel power plant with the petrol getting an automatic transmission option too. The introduction of Kia into the Indian Automotive sector means the established players like Maruti will have to be constantly active and on their feet in terms of new products and promotions in general.



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