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TVS Motor launches mobile app for customers

Aimed at making the ownership experience more enjoyable the two-wheeler manufacturer has introduced a mobile app to strengthen bond between customer and company

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TVS Motor Company has launched a new smartphone app which will provide all necessary information on the company’s product range. Owner and prospective buyers can download the app from the Google Play store. However, the app is currently available only for Android devices for now. The app is designed not only to provide all the necessary information referring to products but will deliver real time information to the customer after the two-wheeler has been registered. This service will enable customers to receive the necessary updates of their vehicles without the need of calling the dealer or authorised service centre.

The app provides crucial information regarding the vehicle making it a handy tool to have as customers can cross-check information, gain knowledge on the products, and receive tips on maintaining their vehicles as well. Information on service intervals, calculating mileage, and contacting dealership regarding service booking of vehicle can be attained without making any calls.

Features provided in the TVS service app:

Service Schedule: After selecting the model, customers can check the service interval chart with respect to time and kilometre reading of the vehicle.

Specification: Consists of important information for currently 13 models which includes data related to engine, electrical, chassis, capacities, tyres, brakes and dimensions.

Service Booking: After having the vehicle authenticated on the app with the vehicle registration, owners can book appointments at the dealers of their convenience. The service reduced the hassle involved in going to the service centre to block the appointment. The same facility has also been provided on the official website of the company.

Warranty: Customers can read the warranty terms and conditions of their vehicle as per their convenience.

News & Updates:  Provides monthly new reports and updates on products by TVS Motor

Service History: After providing the necessary information, owners can gain access to information related to the vehicle service history. It also provides the customer the power to rate their overall experience received during the service interval of the vehicle.

Locate Dealer: Using GPS one can located the nearest TVS dealership or can enter the details of state and city and get a list of the same with addresses and contact numbers.

Tips: Better mileage and safety riding tips are available for customer to read.

Fuel Records: Customers need to enter the required details which will provide the total mileage returned by the vehicle. This also features a log which can be maintained to keep tab on monthly expenses.

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