The New Swift DZire: What's new

With the Swift already a bestseller, when the time came for an updated model, Maruti Suzuki wanted to give it a refreshed, all-round, new look. It took time, but the wait was worth it as the New Swift proves. The new Swift DZire goes a step further in redefining the benchmark features of a budget sedan. So, what's new?



New Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire



The New Swift DZire is a first of its kind budget sedan that has managed to be under the four metre mark. With the Dzire, Maruti Suzuki created an all-new platform targeting the specific customer looking for an entry level sedan that fits well in his budget and parking lot. At first glance, the new DZire does look a bit out of proportion, especially when viewed at from the side. The hand span long boot does have a shorter length than the outgoing model. But, that is what has solved the purpose for getting a sub four metre sedan. Where the earlier Swift DZire stood at 4,160 mm, the new DZire is at 3,995 mm. The let down due to this cut down in length is the loss of over 100 litres of boot space compared to the 464 litres of the old D’Zire. (Read our boot space comparison on the new Swift D'Zire)



It does look a bit jarred in terms of a three box, however, there are a number of upsides that are a world ahead of the outgoing model. Since it is inspired straight from the new Swift, the accentuated headlamps and well signature fog lamps also play the part in making the car look much better. As a matter of fact, if you don’t look at the boot, it replicates the new Swift in every sense. Also, the new DZire has an option of automatic transmission in the mid-variant (VXi) of the petrol mill that is the same as the New Swift – a K12M (with Variable Valve Timing), 1.2 litre engine that delivers 87PS of power @ 6,000 rpm compared to 85 PS of the earlier model. The diesel remains the same 1.3 litre D13A engine that delivers 75 PS of power @ 4,000 rpm.


When talking about the similarities with the new Swift, the wheelbase of 2,430 mm is the same as the new Swift and so is the 170 mm ground clearance, the front and rear track that also remains the same for the ZXi/ZDi version on both the models. The wheelbase also on both the cars remains the same – 2,430 mm as compared to the 2,390 mm of the old Swift DZire. The turning radius is also the same as the new Swift.



New Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire



On the inside, the New Swift DZire gets an all new beige treatment even unlike the new Swift. This adds to the upmarket feel that was somewhat missing in the old version with its grey outlook. Also, the chrome and wood inserts add to the appeal that was, again missing. And while we might have missed mentioning that this model comes with a fully loaded ZXi version that was absent in the outgoing petrol model, the new DZire does have another option for petrol car buyers. The top end version also gets steering mounted audio controls.


So, the New Swift DZire looks the same as the new Swift, looks like a notchback instead of a three-box and has a much better overall quality of fit and finish on the inside and looks quite like a practical urban three box. And honestly speaking, it may just fit in quite well with the Indian customer looking for a starter’s sedan.


LXi: Rs. 4.79*  Lakh LDi: Rs. 5.80* Lakh
Vxi: Rs. 5.32* Lakh VDi: Rs. 6.31* Lakh
Zxi Rs. 6.19* Lakh ZDi: Rs. 7.09* Lakh
Vxi Auto: Rs. 6.54* Lakh


* Ex-showroom Delhi prices


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