Stronger crash structure for Europe bound Ford EcoSport

Ford will sell India-built EcoSport in Europe. But, the European model will sport a stronger crash structure besides other improvements over the Indian version



Europe bound Ford EcoSport

Ford will begin selling its compact SUV, the EcoSport, in Europe starting June. The EcoSport will first be introduced in the UK, Germany and Austria before sales open up in the rest of Europe. Interestingly, these would all be India-built EcoSport models. Not surprisingly, however, the European EcoSport will be an improved version of the SUV sold in India. According to Ford, there are some 300 different parts that the European EcoSport gets compared to the one sold in India.


Ford adds that even the body in White is different. The structure, says Ford, is stronger than the EcoSport sold in India. We know, it might seem unfair but this difference in body structures is a direct reflection of safety norms in India compared to Europe. To keep pricing competitive in India, Ford has settled for a less-stronger body structure for the Indian EcoSport as our safety norms allow it.


In Europe however safety is priority and to meet the stricter safety norms Ford has had no choice but to improve the crash worthiness of the EcoSport to be sold in Europe. The irony is - these improvements have all been done in India, but not for the Indian customer. It is a well known fact that earlier models of the EcoSport in India suffered from some ABS-braking and power steering related issues. Though Ford hasn't mentioned this categorically, but it is safe to assume that improvements have also been made in these areas on the European model as the last thing that Ford wants is a law suit filed against it concerning recalls in Europe.


Incidentally, one of the biggest flaws of the Ford EcoSport in our market, works like a charm for the European market. The EcoSport's tail gate opens towards the road and not the kerb in a right hand drive market like ours. Keeping the same configuration of where the tail gate is hinged, it works perfectly for left hand drive markets like Europe. Ford has also clarified that there will be no all wheel drive version of the EcoSport in Europe, even in countries that experience a lot of snow. This also means an all wheel drive version for the Indian market is nowhere near launch either.


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