Royal Enfields Introduces Riding Gear Tailored For Women

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  • Jun 15, 2020
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The range includes riding jackets, trousers, gloves & helmets.

  • There’s a range of tops, shirts, shorts, jeans and trousers too.
  • Prices start from Rs 7,00 and go all the way upto Rs 14,000.
  • The riding jackets include pockets for elbows, shoulders and back armour protection.
  • Available at Royal Enfield’s website and at select stores in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.

Royal Enfield has launched a new range of riding gear designed exclusively for women. The collection includes riding jackets, trousers, gloves and helmets. There’s a whole new range of tops, shirts, shorts, jeans and trousers to choose from as well. Interested customers can purchase any of the below listed items from select dealerships in Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Alternatively, you could buy them from Royal Enfield’s online store: store.royalenfield.com



Cotton Riding Jackets

Rs 5,800

Summer Mesh riding jacket

Rs 7,000

Riding three layer; all weather riding jacket

Rs 14,000

Summer Mesh riding trouser

Rs 6,500

All weather riding trouser

Rs 9,500

Summer riding gloves

Rs 2,500

Leather riding glove

Rs 3,300

Full face helmets

Rs 3,700

Open face helmet

Rs 2,700

Lifestyle leather jackets

Rs 9,900 - Rs 10,900


Rs 700-1,100


Rs 2,300 - Rs 2,500


Rs 1500 - Rs1600

Bottoms (Jeans/trousers)

Rs 2,400 - Rs 2,600

There’s been a seismic shift in the two-wheeler industry as more women embrace the freedom afforded by motorcycles. A survey from the Motorcycle Industry Council revealed that more and more women are getting into motorcycling, and it's continuing to grow at a steady pace. The study which was conducted in 2018 also found that nearly 19 per cent of motorcycle owners are women, up from 10 per cent in 2009. 


However, in the current scenario, most women have very few options to choose from in terms of gear. While there are a couple of options available in the market, the range and fit isn’t as comprehensive as men’s gear. Our exclusive chat with Mr. Puneet Sood, Head – Apparel Business, Royal Enfield, uncovered some interesting details about the design and development of the women’s range of riding gear. One of the major aspects highlighted by Puneet were comfort and ruggedness. This is one of the reasons the brand spent close to 18 months to develop the gear while taking constant feedback from women riders. 

Considering India’s varied weather conditions, Royal Enfield has decided to offer four different types of jackets, ranging from the most expensive Nubra all-weather jacket to a mesh jacket which makes perfect sense for most climatic conditions in India. The Breeze mesh jacket also comes with CE-level 1 armour around the elbows, shoulders and back. These can be upgraded if need be. What’s even more interesting is the shell for the full-face helmet specifically designed for women riders. It not only complies with ISI, but also DOT and ECE safety regulations. The fact that it’s priced under Rs 4,000 makes it more accessible to the masses. 

We not only hope Royal Enfield’s new range of riding gear and apparel encourages more women to take up riding but even prompts other homegrown manufacturers to come up with their own range as well.

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