Rainforest Challenge India coming this August

The grueling off-road challenge will be held in Goa from August 8-14

Rainforest Challenge India 2014

The Rainforest challenge is set to make its Indian debut in August and will be held in the forests of Southern Goa from August 8-14. The rainforest challenge is one of the toughest off-roading events held around the world.

The Challenge first began in Malaysia in 1997 and was followed by Italy, Australia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tunisia, and China. India is the eighth country to the list. The event promises to maintain the grueling conditions seen at the original event in Malaysia. Incessant rain, steep slippery slopes, deep ruts, gullies, flooded rivers, and landslides, contestants will be exposed to the whole gamut of challenges in Goa next month.

The event will include a set of 30 Special Stages across obstacles. The winning team will get a chance to participate in the Rainforest Challenge held in Malaysia. Since the event is in its first year in India, the seven classes and 2 overall rankings – with one for foreign entries and another for Indian entries - have been kept flexible.




Event details

8 Aug


Scrutiny & briefing

9 Aug


Opening Ceremony, Prologue SS

10 Aug


Prologue SS Continues; transport to camp 1

11 Aug


Predator camp with SS; transport to camp 2

12 Aug


Rest & recuperation; Terminator camp with SS

13 Aug


Thriller in the Twilight Zone

14 Aug


Twilight Zone Ends, Closing Ceremony & Prize Distribution

Force Gurkha 4x4

Force Motors, who are the title sponsors of the Rainforest Challenge, will be hoping to leverage the event’s popularity to promote the Gurkha 4x4. The Gurkha goes on sale in September, just a month after the challenge so the event could prove to be an excellent proving ground with a dedicated off-road enthusiast audience.

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