NAVTEQ survey reveals potential for navigation devices

NAVTEQ survey reveals that over 50% of women feel unsafe on Indian roads. The survey highlights opportunity for navigation devices to help women travel more confidently

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NAVTEQ which is a subsidiary of Nokia is a leading global provider of location content in the form of maps, traffic and places data that enables navigation, location based services across the world. NAVTEQ’s maps used in various satellite-navigation (sat-nav) devices and in mobile apps as internet-based mapping applications. 

NAVTEQ has undertaken a survey which highlights that 51% of Indian women surveyed feel unsafe to travel on Indian roads and an overwhelming 73% of the women surveyed expressed fear for their safety when travelling at night. Most women seek directions from friends and family before setting off en-route to unfamiliar areas. 

The study shows that Indian women have shown interest in or have already adapted using sat-nav devices or mobile apps while driving to unfamiliar areas. The level of awareness about sat-nav devices is extremely high amongst women drivers as 86% of them know about or use sat-nav devices or mapping apps on their mobile phones. 4 out of 5 women said that they feel secure while using a sat-nav device or a mobile app while driving. 

“Although the awareness level regarding navigation as a category is high, only 1 in 3 women surveyed currently use some form of navigation device/app. From this research, it is clear that women can benefit greatly from device ownership, through navigation app on cell phones, portable navigation devices or in-vehicle navigation systems,” stated Rajat Tandon, Director - Sales, India. “Additionally, while women surveyed understand that navigation can enable smarter travel, one of the factors why women do not use navigation devices/apps is that they perceive these devices/apps to be difficult to use. We believe that NAVTEQ’s robust portfolio of visual content such as Junction View Images and 3D landmarks will enable our Indian OEM partners to deliver features that offer an intuitive and enhanced navigation experience and help drive the adoption of digital navigation amongst Indian women.”

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Key conclusions based on city specific findings:

Delhi has a high potential for growth in car navigation devices as women in Delhi feel the least comfortable on the roads and 97% of them feel safer while using a navigation device or app. 43% of women surveyed who do not use a navigation device intend to adopt a system.

At 85% Mumbai has the highest number of women users of navigation devices or apps. However, only 7% of women in Mumbai feel unsafe on the roads.

Kolkata was regarded as the safest city by women as they prefer to ask people for directions and only 1% of women surveyed considered buying a navigation device.

Majority of the women surveyed in Chennai feel safer with the use of navigational devices and nearly of them indicated that they intend to purchase a navigation device/app in the near future. Women rated Chennai as safer than Delhi for women but not as safe as Mumbai. 

The latest commercially released version of a map developed for India covers 1.19 million kms of the Indian road network across all cities and more. NAVTEQ is known for their localised range of product offerings and their ongoing expansion plans will ensure constant updates of their maps across India. 

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