Mercedes-Benz Cars To Cost More From September

Rising input costs and the depreciating value of the rupee have resulted in the decision

Mercedes-Benz Price Increase From 1st September

Mercedes-Benz India has announced that it will increase the prices of all its cars come September 1. The prices of the entire range will be increased by 4 per cent because of rising input costs, rising inflation and the weakening rupee. The rupee recently touched an all-time low of 70 per US dollar. Mercedes-Benz has also upwardly revised its finance rates, though it states that the rates are still quite competitive. Here’s how the prices of the range (excluding the AMG cars) will be affected:

Model Old Price (ex-showroom Delhi)
New Price (expected)
A-Class Rs 29.90 lakh to Rs 30.94 lakh
Rs 31.09 lakh to Rs 32.18 lakh
B-Class Rs 31.99 lakh to Rs 33.03 lakh
Rs 33.27 lakh to Rs 34.35 lakh
CLA Rs 31.72 lakh to Rs 35.54 lakh
Rs 32.99 lakh to Rs 36.96 lakh
GLA Rs 32.33 lakh to Rs 38.64 lakh
Rs 33.62 lakh to Rs 40.19 lakh
C-Class Rs 42.54 lakh to Rs 46.87 lakh
Rs 44.24 lakh to Rs 48.74 lakh
GLC Rs 49.94 lakh to Rs 54.5 lakh
Rs 51.94 lakh to Rs 56.68 lakh
E-Class Rs 58.61 lakh to Rs 72.85 lakh
Rs 60.96 lakh to Rs 75.77 lakh
GLE Rs 66.49 lakh to Rs 77.41 lakh
Rs 69.15 lakh to Rs 80.51 lakh
GLS Rs 85.42 lakh to Rs 86.9 lakh
Rs 88.84 lakh to Rs 90.38 lakh
S-Class Rs 1.33 crore to Rs 1.37 crore
Rs 1.38 crore to Rs 1.43 crore
Maybach S-Class Rs 1.86 crore to Rs 2.73 crore
Rs 1.94 crore to Rs 2.84 crore

Will this increase in price put off buyers? Considering there are many finance options available, including Mercedes' own Star Agility, Star Finance, Star Lease and Corporate Star Lease packages, customers should find buying one not too difficult in the future.

Mercedes-Benz Price Increase From 1st September

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to launch the C-Class facelift in the meantime. In fact, a test unit of the sedan was spied in India recently. Check out the details here.

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