Maruti Suzuki Concept Futuro-e Kickstarts Auto Expo 2020!

The Futuro-e SUV coupe concept is destined for the future

  • Maruti has showcased the Futuro-e as a design study.
  • The Futuro-e combines SUV cues with a sloping roofline.
  • Technical specifications are still undisclosed.
  • It might come with a price tag of around Rs 15 lakh.

The name Futuro-e has created quite a ruckus since it was leaked from a trademark filing. Silencing all rumors, reports and speculations, Maruti Suzuki had teased the Futuro-e, revealing its SUV coupe identity. Right now, Maruti has quite literally stole the show by unveiling the Futuro-e at the Auto Expo 2020. It might be a strange looking vehicle with its SUV elements and sloping roofline but there is no way you can ignore it. 

Maruti Suzuki has showcased the concept Futuro-e as a design study into the future of mobility solutions. Unlike what we imagined, the Futuro-e is neither an SUV or a coupe. Its stance is more akin to crossovers, and the rear with its coupe-like roofline is something we’ve never seen before, at least in India. 

The front end sports a bold design language with a sleek pair of LED headlamps. On the other end, the Futuro-e uses massive tail lamps that extend to the side profile. There’s also a stubby boot spoiler to complete the look.

The Concept Futuro-e showcased has a cabin with four seats that can classified as the future. Highlights include a rectangluar shaped steering and a plethora of screens. The Futuro-e also features flexible swivel seats and a digital centre console.

As this is a global design study, technical details are yet to be disclosed. What we know for sure is that the powertrain will be pure electric. The chances of Futuro-e making its way into production in its current form are very slim. So don't expect an announcement until 2023. However, the Futuro-e likely previews the shape of things to come, both for the next-gen Brezza and the SUV Maruti might be planning to introduce in the segment above it. We expect to see a production version by the end of this year with a possible launch next year.  Being an all-electric offering with distinct styling and identity, expect the Futuro-e to come with a price tag north of Rs 15 lakh.

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