Mahindra Reva NXR at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo

Futuristic-looking electric car will be launched in two variants that will use either a lead acid or lithium ion battery

Mahindra REVA at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo

Mahindra unveiled the hotly anticipated Reva NXR electric car at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. The production-ready Reva NXR concept is a marked improvement over its predecessor in terms of styling and looks more car-like in appearance. The two-door, four-seater model displayed at the Mahindra pavilion had 15-inch alloy wheels, with disc brakes up front and drum brakes at the rear.

Details regarding the Reva NXR’s powertrain have not been released but the car will likely be powered by lead acid and lithium ion battery packs. The former will have a range of 80 km per charge while the latter will achieve a decent 160 km, making it ideal for short intercity trips.

Mahindra claims that the Reva NXR will cut fuel expenses drastically. A drive from Connaught Place in central Delhi to Indira Gandhi International Airport – a distance of approximately 20 km – will cost just Rs. 10 on the Reva NXR.   

Launch date has not been announced but expect the Reva NXR to sashay down Indian roads around Diwali this year. The Reva NXR will likely sport a price tag of Rs. 6 lakh for the lead acid version and Rs. 10 lakh for the lithium ion spec.      

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