Kia’s UVO Connected Car Technology Gets More Features In Europe!

Phase two of Kia's connected car technology now features online navigation and valet parking mode


Kia’s UVO connected car technology made its India debut with the Seltos. It features various gimmicks like remote engine start-stop through a smartphone application and voice-activated features. Now, the manufacturer has rolled out an updated version of its UVO connected car technology in Europe.  

The new version of Kia’s UVO connected car tech packs in new features and updates. These include:

Online Navigation:

The new online navigation function ensures that users now get improved live traffic updates, giving a more accurate picture of the route ahead and the estimated time of arrival. It draws information from cloud-based real-time and historical traffic data to predict traffic information. 

Augmented Reality Based Navigation System:

Also known as the ‘Last Mile Navigation’ feature in Kia’s lingo, it helps the user navigate to the final point of the destination even after parking the car. Let’s say you want to grab a cold coffee from Starbucks and you’ve parked your Kia a kilometer away in a parking lot. The system sends a push notification of the route to the UVO app and the user can access it through Google Maps and continue walking to his final destination. Furthermore, you can also engage the AR Guidance feature which utilises the smartphone’s camera and blends the image with turn-by-turn navigation.


Transferring Profiles: 

With this feature, users can change various settings of the car like your preferred navigation settings, radio station and even the Bluetooth settings from the UVO smartphone app. These settings will be saved on Kia’s cloud and can be transferred to another Kia car when needed.

Other Highlights:

The new valet parking mode constantly monitors the vehicle and locks personal information when someone else is driving your Kia. You can also monitor the vehicle’s location, speed, distance and the driving duration through the UVO app. Furthermore, Kia’s live services have also been improved for more accurate parking information, fuel cost, EV charging points, weather information, and more. 

These are the four new features that are a part of Kia’s updated UVO connected car technology. These features will be rolled as a part of model year 2020 updates in Europe and we expect to see them in Kia’s upcoming India models soon.  

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