Kawasaki’s Mad 250cc Ninja Will Go On Sale In July

The NInja ZX-25R will make its global debut in Indonesia

Among the most talked about new motorcycles launches of 2020 is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R and for good reason. In today's conservative world of small displacement and mostly single-cylinder entry-level performance bikes, the 250cc four-cylinder motor is quite a bold statement! The Japanese brand was supposed to launch the new ZX-25R in March but COVID-19 played party pooper. But after three months, Kawasaki is all-set to launch the quarter-litre monster on July 10. If you’re a regular reader, you would know that the Ninja ZX-25R will be manufactured in Indonesia and shipped to other Southeast Asian countries. 

As for India, we don’t see the 250cc pocket rocket making its way to our shores as the price will be astronomical by 250cc standards and Kawasaki had a tough task clearing out the Ninja 400 stocks before new emission norms set it. From an enthusiast’s point of view, the ZX-25R will be a delightful motorcycle to ride but in our price conscious market, it hardly makes any sense from the business viewpoint. 

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Recently, the power output of the bike was leaked and we now know that the bike is expected to produce 42PS and 20.8Nm of torque. Yes, the power figures are a bit disappointing as there were rumours that the 250cc engine would churn out 50-55PS, but 42PS isn’t bad by any standards. You can read more about the bike here: Ninja ZX-25R Power And Torque Revealed! More Powerful Than The KTM RC 390

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    NAVEEN | 1 week ago Can tell me Launching date in India & price as soon as possible 0 Reply
    NAVEEN | 1 week ago Can tell me Launching date in India & price as soon as possible 0 Reply
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