Hyundai Explorers Sahyadri Edition: An Expedition For Everyone

  • Jun 12, 2024
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3 days, 20 cars, 50+ participants, new friendships and endless memories… the Hyundai Explorers Edition is the perfect weekend activity for you and your family / friends

There are two types of people in this world. One that likes to travel solo, and the other that likes to take everyone along for the journey. If you’re the latter, and happen to own a Hyundai SUV in your garage, then the Korean carmaker has got just the thing for your next vacation.

It's a series of adventures called the Hyundai Explorers, exclusive to all Hyundai SUV owners. These adventures are specially curated to create memorable experiences in a group of like-minded people. It has been going on since 2021 and the Sahyadri edition was already their fourth expedition for this year. And guess what? We got to be a part of their latest tour, which took us to India's wine and grape capital, Nashik.

This story is an excerpt of that trip, painting you a picture of what it’s like to be part of one of these escapades planned by Hyundai, for Hyundai owners. Spoiler alert: It was awesome!

Day-1 Pune to Nashik

Waking up at the dawn of daylight on a Friday morning isn’t exactly ideal by any means. The body and mind were fighting in equal parts to get going. Only if they knew what was in store for the weekend, it wouldn’t have been that tough. The drive flagged off from a Hyundai dealership in Pune with 20 participant cars (including us) and four support vehicles carrying the Hyundai crew. 

Accompanying me was our ebullient social media head, Akshit Abrol, and our ride for the trip was the Alcazar diesel automatic. What a sweet ride to gulp down the miles! And those miles were made even better by the in-car activities planned by the sweet folks at Hyundai. The first day mainly involved us driving around, but the folks at Hyundai ensured there was some entertainment in between. 

Every car had a walkie-talkie installed, mainly to communicate and keep the convoy together. But that also doubled up as a tool for some fun between the ‘explorers’. A few games, songs and some banter later, we reached the lunch stop for the day. 

Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we were told that the dry barren land sported a rather colourful scenery during monsoon. Our time there really gave off Nevada (US) vibes with similar red and brown-coloured rocks for as long as the eye could see. Can only imagine how picturesque that location would be at its peak beauty when the monsoons are at their full peak!

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Nevertheless, some finger licking food later, we made our way to the hotel. A quick recharge of batteries for us and our devices equally, everyone regrouped for some evening tea before heading out for some authentic Nashik food under the starlit sky. With a few, including us, at the brink of a potential stomach explosion from all the food devouring shenanigans, an early night was well deserved. 

Day-2 Adventure beckons

Day 2 of the Sahyadri edition was all about adventures and activities. From getting a dose of adrenaline via the adventure sports to immersing ourselves in the local viticulture practices; it was everything a perfect Saturday is made up of for an epicurean and adventurer alike. 

But before indulging in the beauty that was the Sula vineyard, a history lesson was in place as the first stop of the day was the Kumaramangalam Artillery Museum in Nashik. From medieval to modern day times, the museum chronicles the journey of important Indian wars and movements, which involved the use of heavy artillery. 

After soaking in the historic lesson, it was time for some wine and dine. The huge Sula property and its corresponding products were mesmerizing to say the least. Their wine is not limited to local consumption, but is there for the world to consume as Sula is a big exporter worldwide. If you happen to be in the area, a visit and tour of the Sula vineyards is a must, truly. 

But the most bonding activity of the entire trip were the adventure activities that followed after the lunch. From go karting to rope sliding to archery, the adventure sports were thoroughly enjoyed by all the explorers, especially the kids who had a gala time. Everyone was understandably worn off after all that rush of adrenaline and it was now time for some relaxation before the evening entertainment. 

Some took a nap while some went for a dive into the pool; before everyone finally came to the ballroom for dinner and celebrations. Kudos to the Hyundai team for the truly engaging activities, which broke any remaining ice between the explorers. Loads of games, endless laughs, and some dance moves later, the group was treated to a scrumptious dinner.

Day-3 The comeback

The last day of the Sahyadri edition was just a simple drive back to base in Pune. But the explorers weren’t done with the activities just yet. The day began with a hefty breakfast followed by a tree planting drive. Having done our bit for the environment, the convoy headed for a boating ride in the Godavari river. 

A few lucky kids even went for joyrides in a speedboat. The families got a few pictures in for their respective family calendars, while we soaked up the view around us. And the soaking of views continued on the way back as we traversed around the lush green landscapes of Maharashtra. Mind you, this was in peak Summer, and we can only imagine how splendid it must be during rains.

The late lunch stop was where everyone bid farewell with big smiles and long hugs. Multiple future trips were planned and promised, signifying how strong the bond became by the time the drive got over. And this was when the entire group was just a bunch of random strangers with a Hyundai SUV brought together in one place, and that goes to show how well the adventure was executed. 


The Hyundai Explorers drive is a steal vacation. Priced at Rs 14,999, the drive includes the stay, meals, and all activity expenditures for 2 participants sharing a room. There isn’t any skimping on luxuries either, as the accommodation is usually in a 5-star property (can vary depending on the location). You even get in-car refreshments along with all three meal coverages. So all you have to worry about is the fuel, tolls or any other personal expenditure that you might incur. Additionally, you can also include a third person in your car and room for Rs 7,499.

You won’t really get the same experience of travelling in a convoy and doing things in a convoy, like we did with the Hyundai Explorers. The sight of SUVs, all Hyundai, lined up back to back and munching up the miles is truly a sight to behold. The possibilities for things going wrong in a convoy are innumerable, yet, not once did anyone belt a grouse. The organisers were rather kind and patient, ready to cater to any need, problem or discomfort faced by the participants. 

If you own a Hyundai SUV, and were planning on a road trip, we reckon you give the Hyundai Explorers a look once. Not only will you make new memories with your family and your car, but you’ll also be able to share those feelings of joy with like minded people. Because at the end of the day, it’s the people you meet and friends you make along the way that help you appreciate the journey. 

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