Hero CBZ Xtreme vs Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi vs Honda CB Unicorn: Which 150cc bike to buy?

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  • April 4, 2012
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We pit three affordable fast commuters that have been around for a while but still notch up impressive sales numbers. Which is the right one for you? Read on...


Honda CB Unicorn
Honda CB Unicorn




The 150cc segment in the country has fast emerged from being a premium pocket to a volume segment and leading the bandwagon are three extremely successful and potent motorcycles, namely, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi, the Honda Unicorn and the Hero CBZ Xtreme. We pit them together and find out which one is the best in the class. All of these three have been in our nation for a long time now but have affirmed different avatars in the past few years. The Unicorn has witnessed successful sales in our nation and has earned a well deserved name for being the most reliable 150cc bike in its class. The CBZ Xtreme on the other hand is designed to woo the younger generation with its stylish body, integrated side indicators and the step up seat. The Pulsar has been around a long time now, but has never rested on its laurels, it has reformed and improvised all through out. This particular Pulsar, the 150, has not seen many changes since a while now, but that is probably because the company is focusing on its bigger siblings the Pulsar 200NS and the 220 et cetera.


When it comes to cornering and all round performance the CB Unicorn surely takes the cake as it produces the most horsepower and also will be at the head of the game, marginally, but it sure will. What we like about the Pulsar though is the bike is made for practicality on all fronts, and it looks good too along with all that jazz, so along with the cheapest bike in the segment retailing at Rs 64,497 ex-showroom, Delhi the Pulsar’s ridability keeps us very satisfied as the bike will handle majestically even at 25km/h from the fifth gear onwards, which is a boon in city traffic conditions. Both the CBZ Xtreme and the CB Unicorn share the same Honda 150cc engine DNA. The Unicorns gearbox will get a standing ovation from us as we love its smoothness and tact free qualities.




Hero CBZ Xtreme
Hero CBZ Xtreme




The Pulsar has a very attractive function which is the illumination in the switch gear. A fancy yet unnecessary function which you may actually use the first few days of you purchasing the bike, but eventually one does get used to where the switches are placed on the handles and you may forget the function existed, until someday your enthusiastic friend points it out to you. Nevertheless the Pulsar has gone through quite a few makeovers and Bajaj can very rightly call it India’s most performance oriented bike which is entirely home grown and it offers young enthusiasts a chance to live the dream and wake up also very briefly, but what counts is the chance. The jazziest of the lot, the Xtreme is a sure eye catcher and now with its new wheels and design it does stand out a lot too. The Unicorn is a sure pleaser that does not knock you out but urges you to live to ride each day again as that perfectly set up mono-shock suspension and the comfortable seat induces a tonne of confidence into the rider and we love that. The Unicorn retails at Rs 63,046, ex-showroom, Delhi. The Pulsar 150 at Rs 64,497 ex-showroom, Delhi while the Hero Xtreme at Rs 64,063 ex-showroom, Delhi.




Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi
Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTSi




Our pick would be the Honda Unicorn if a person is looking for a mature grown up bike that punches hard when it wants to, the Bajaj Pulsar 150 if a person wants absolute value for money and easy on the pocket after market sales not to mention the comfort it offers along with its aggressive paint scheme and body. The CBZ extreme is no hooligan but we like its guts because it is a good looker as well as a very potent machine with regards to in-town rideability. So first decide on what you want from a motorcycle and then take the plunge. Happy and safe riding!

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Bajaj Pulsar 150

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