First Look: Jaguar's All new -XJ Luxury Car

Tata owned Jaguar is all set to launch a new XJ series car this July. The company has however released a teaser preview and some information about this all new car that is sure to make you wait with baited breath, provided you have the moolah for one of these.

The all new XJ car will go on sale at the end of 2009, however it will be officially unveiled to the world on July 9th in London. The new car is touted to be very space age in in the way it has been conceived and the company boasts that this is the first car to feature the next generation of Jaguar's acclaimed aerospace inspired aluminium body architecture. The result is nothing short of fascinating, and when the car does debut in front of a thousand flashing cameras, it is surely going to live up to the legendary status that accompanies all cars from the Jaguar stable.

The car is set to be powered by Jaguar's new ultra efficient range of Gen II petrol and diesel engines which include the V6 diesel and a 510 BHP supercharged V8 petrol. The company has also mentioned that the XJ will be available in a choice of standard and long wheelbase versions.

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