Fahrradi Farfalla FFX - The world's slowest supercar

Shaped like a supercar, but with a top speed that car barely challenge pedestrians, the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is certainly a looker. But what lies beneath its bright red skin?



Fahrradi Farfalla FFX side view



The car you’re seeing here might look suspiciously like a future Ferrari concept, but rest assured it isn’t! Yes, it does have the front wing of an Enzo and the headlights of the 458 Italia, and yes, the silhouette looks like its hiding a massive V12 engine in the middle, giving it the sort of look that you might expect from the next Ferrari hypercar. But all of that is merely a facade. What you’re looking is not an exotic car, but by all means might just be one of the world’s most exotic bicycles... ok, quadricycle if you really want to be pedantic.


This quadricycle called the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is modelled after some of Ferrari's most powerful supercars, with clear Enzo and FXX influence, but rather than horsepower, it packs human power with two sets of pedals for either seat. The brains behind this creation is MT Racing, a venture of intellectual Austrian hipsters and the group has done this sort of thing before. The firm’s original supercar-quadricycle was the Ferdinand GT3 RS – a shiny replica of a Porsche 911 GT3. 





And the group is not just good with their mechanical and designing skills, they also seem to be quite adept with wordplay, as their cars’ names would suggest. The wit in the Ferdinand GT3 RS’ name is clear enough. The Fahrradi on the other hand takes its name from the German word for ‘bicycle’, which is ‘fahrrad’. The ‘i’ is apparently influenced by Apple’s i devices and of course, its addition makes the name sound similar to Ferrari. Farfalla is taken from the Italian "butterfly" and references the car’s butterfly doors. And more wordplay ensues in MT’s classification of the Fahrradi, where the group refers to the car as a ‘(human) muscle car’.



Fahrradi Farfalla FFX top



Under the gorgeous, albeit slightly tacky, supercar shell sits a tubular aluminium frame, two seats and two pairs of pedals connected to an eleven-speed hub gearbox that is connected to the massive, albeit ultra-thin rear wheels via a chain drive mechanism. Thanks to some really short gearing, MT Racing says the Fahrradi is a "serious rival for pedestrians in street traffic". And thanks to the use of 200 ultra bright LED, it can even be ‘driven’ at night. MT Racing, whose slogan is "Millionaires Snail Luxury" insists that the Fahrradi is not a simple replica. Instead, it pulls influence from both real cars and design studies, and is an "anticipation of a future top model of an actually existing automobile brand", though the design influence is clearly from Ferrari.

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