DSK Hyosung to launch a fully faired 250cc motorcycle next

DSK Hyosung will expand its portfolio of premium motorcycles with the launch of a fully faired 250cc motorcycle in July

DSK Hyosung GD250
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DSK Hyosung which currently operates at the premium end of the motorcycle market (read 250cc and above), will expand its portfolio with the launch of a new 250cc single cylinder motorcycle in July. The motorcycle will be a fully faired one with liquid cooling and fuel injection. The motorcycle will be assembled at DSK’s Wai facility.

The motorcycle in question is the GD250R. Now, we have reported on the GD250N in the past - a street naked that was showcased at the Auto Expo in February – as well as DSK Hyosung’s plans of launching it in India. But, given the Indian motorcycle buyer’s fascination with fully faired motorcycles, DSK has decided to bring in the GD250R before the GD 250N. The GD250R is clothed version of the N and uses the same engine, chassis and suspension components. 

Besides the full fairing, the GD250R will also get clip-on handlebars instead of the straight-wide bar used on the GD250N, which will affect the bike’s seating ergonomics making it sportier and more intense than the N. The positioning of the seat in relation to the footpegs though, will remain unchanged. The GD250R will compete against the KTM RC 200 and not the more powerful RC 390 and will therefore produce a max power of under 30PS. It will come with the same spec MRF tyres as the 200 as well.

As for pricing, we expect the Hyosung GD250R to cost around the Rs 2.2 lakh ex-showroom. The motorcycle is currently undergoing homologation formalities. DSK Hyosung will also launch the GD250N naked, but for it to find traction among Indian bike buyers, DSK will give it a special treatment with a custom paint job or attractive accessories. The GD250N too will be homologated before it goes on sale in India.

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