Bultaco Brinco E-Bike unveiled

The Bultaco Brinco is a limited edition electric bike from the Spanish two-wheeler manufacturer



Bultaco Brinco E-Bike




Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco has unveiled a new version of the Brinco. The original Bultaco Brinco 108 was powered by a 74cc, two-stroke powerplant while the latest edition is a pedal assisted electric mountain bike. The Bultaco Brinco is powered by a 1kWh lithium-ion battery which takes just two hours to get fully charged. Being an electric bike, torque figures are set to be impressive and the Bultaco Brinco produces a notable 60Nm of torque. The Spanish manufacturer claims that the Brinco’s torque rating is 10Nm more than the Honda CBR500R. 


The Bultaco Brinco features three riding modes – ECO, Urban and Sport. If the rider uses ECO mode in conjunction with pedalling the E-Bike will have arrange of 160km. In sport mode, the motor utilises its torque rating to its maximum potential so that it can hit its top speed of 60kmph. The urban mode is a combination of the above two settings. Urban mode provides a level of performance and range between the other two settings. 



Bultaco Brinco E-Bike rear shot




The Bultaco Brinco tips the scale at just 33kg; this can be credited to the aluminium frame that helps keep the weight under check. It employs USD forks at front and piggyback reservoir rear shock while braking is done by disc brakes. The Bultaco Brinco will not be a value for money proposition as it would retail for Rs 3.83 lakh with deliveries starting from April, 2015 in the European market. Production will be limited to just 175 units, the special number says Bultaco celebrates the birth of its founder Don Paco Bulto.