Ather 450X vs TVS NTorq 125 vs Aprilia SR 150: Which One Is The Fastest?

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  • Jan 30, 2020
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It’s the ultimate battle between old-school gasoline-powered scooters and new-gen electrics

Ather recently launched the new 450X, a more powerful and feature-rich scooter compared to the standard model. What’s interesting is that the Ather 450X is actually priced lower than the standard variant! We know you have A LOT of questions, and for that, we will direct you here. For now, we’ll focus on just one aspect - performance. You see, Ather made some really bold claims about its scooter so we had to bring out our good ol’ performance records to see how it stands against two of the sportiest scooters out there, the TVS NTorq 125 and the Aprilia SR150


Ather 450X

Aprilia SR 150

TVS NTorq 125


3.29 seconds

3.95 seconds

3.68 seconds


6.5 seconds

7.9 seconds

7.65 seconds

As you can see, electrics rule when it comes to small drag races! We know the Ather has an advantage over its petrol-powered counterparts as its electric motor makes power at 0rpm. But the fact that the 450X weights just 108kg (8kg less than the NTorq 125 and 14kg less than the SR150), already gives it an edge over its rivals. And did we mention the 450X has an insane amount of torque? At 26Nm, it’s more than what the NTorq and the SR have...combined! 

We haven’t tested the 450X yet so we don’t have the roll-on figures, but we’re pretty positive it will trump its rivals in that aspect as well. 


Ather 450X

Aprilia SR150

TVS NTorq 125


85km in Eco mode

300km (city)

235km (city)

This is the aspect where these new-gen electric scooters are still quite behind compared to the conventional petrol-powered two-wheelers. Electric two-wheelers don’t offer you the range of conventional two-wheelers. On the flip side, the running cost of petrol-powered two-wheelers is comparatively higher than electric two-wheelers. You have to pay for fuel, change the oil, and service it from time to time. Electrics, on the other hand, don’t need that kind of running costs as the only things you need to change are the brake pads and tyres.

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Ather 450X

Ather 450X

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