Ather 450 vs TVS NTorq 125: Real World Comparison

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  • Jul 2, 2019
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Can the cutting-edge electric scooter stand its own against the 125cc heavyweight?

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There’s no doubt that the Ather 450 revolutionised the electric scooter scene in India. But is it on par and dare we say, even better than conventional scooters? Especially something like the segment favourite TVS NTorq 125? We’ve been itching to find that out for ourselves ever since we first rode the Ather 450 in Bangalore. Now that we have finally managed to get our hands on the Ather 450 in Pune, albeit for a brief time, it is time to find the answer.

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Ather 450

NTorq 125


3.92 seconds

3.68 secs


8.29 seconds

7.65 seconds

Things are quite close than you can imagine. Yes, the NTorq 125 is quicker off the line. But the Ather 450 follows close behind, lagging only 0.24 seconds behind in 0-40kmph runs. However, the Ather 450 takes 4.61 seconds longer than the NTorq 125 to reach the 60kmph mark. Similarly, the TVS offering tops out at 101kmph while the Ather 450 is limited to 85kmph.

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Ather 450

NTorq 125


4.04 seconds


Here’s where the swift torque delivery of an electric motor comes into full effect. The 450 has a quicker 20-50kmph roll-on figure than the NTorq, which should help it performing city overtakes with ease. The perfect scooter for city runabouts then? We certainly think so.




Ather 450

NTorq 125




Despite packing a 200mm front and 190mm rear disc couple with CBS, the Ather takes more distance to come to a standstill from 60kmph. This could be due to the Ather narrow, low rolling resistance 90/90-12-inch tyres which are designed to maximise efficiency than outright grip. While this works perfectly fine under normal riding conditions, the front and rear wheels have a tendency to lock up under panic braking. This meant during our brake tests, we had to go easy on the levers to avoid crashing the scooter. The NTorq 125, on the other hand, packs chunkier 100x80, 12-inch tyres on both ends and a 230mm disc brake at the front.



While we didn’t get to test the Ather 450 comprehensively, the company claims it can cover upto 65km on ride mode and 55km on sport mode. The company also claims a fast charging speed of 1km/min (up to 80 per cent), which when combined with the Ather’s extensive charging grid, should provide for a perfect, urban-friendly scooter.

In comparison, the NTorq 125 returns 47km to the litre in the city and 53.4kmpl on the highway. These figures are not class-leading by any margin.

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