All-new models from Honda coming soon to India

Slotted between the City and the Civic, the all-new Crider would be the one to look out for. Also joining newer entrants would be a full size MPV - M-01 and a smaller MPV based on the Jade concept


Honda Crider sedan



The all-new Honda Amaze shows the new direction Honda is heading in. While earlier the Jap giant stuck to specific segments, things have changed drastically over the years with more and more segments sprouting out, making competition even fiercer. Honda is finally going with the flow with the Amaze being the first to bring in the change. But that’s not it, in fact there is more. 


Honda Crider sedan


The car that you see above is the all-new Crider. While it might look dimensionally similar to a City, this one actually slots between the City and the Civic. While most might say there isn’t enough space to slot another model in there, Honda would say otherwise. The Crider aims to spawn a new upper middle class segment and is designed especially to take on emerging markets. Expect typical Honda traits like spacious insides, quality materials and not to mention some brilliant i-VTEC and i-DTEC power plants.


Along with the Crider Honda has also shown two more people mover concepts. The first and the more India relevant one is the M-01. Looking at the concept images, it’s easy to note that the M-01 is about the size of an Innova and will be competing in the full size MPV bracket. Style-wise, the concept does not promise anything path breaking with a typical MPV silhouette. The rakish windscreen along with the futuristic front does give it a very nice overall profile though. 




Honda M-01 MPV



The Concept M was designed by the design studio at the Automobile R&D Center of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. in Japan and Honda is supposed to be making rapid progress in the development of a mass-production vehicle based on this concept model aiming for market introduction next year. Expect diesel power-plants for this MPV along with a range of seating options albeit with a slightly toned down design theme. With the M-01 based MPV, Honda aims to offer the attributes of a passenger car with a comfortable and spacious cabin that is also fun to drive.


Honda Jade




The Crider and the Jade are all set to go on sale in Chinese markets this year save for the M-01 which is still in production stages, so expect variants of the same heading onto Indian shores soon as well. With Honda already expanding their manufacturing facilities, this definitely looks like a sign of good things to come from Honda. Keep watching this space for more.     



The second of the people mover is the Jade concept. Now this concept is not entirely new and was seen at the Beijing Motor Show last year. While the Jade is pretty much a Civic based station wagon, expect something of a compact MPV based on the Jade’s underpinnings to make it to India. With compact SUV’s and MPV’s like the Ford Ecosport and Mahindra Quanto aiming to do well and the latter already doing well, it looks like a good move on Honda’s part. 


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