Aishwarya Pissay Is India’s First FIM World Champion

Pissay is the new 2019 women’s world champion in the FIM Bajas World Cup

  • She won in Dubai and bagged a podium in Portugal to earn her first international title.
  • The championship victory margin was just four points.
  • Pissay also finished second in the Junior category.
Aishwarya Pissay Is India’s First FIM World Champion

It is a moment of great pride for Indian motorsports enthusiasts as Aishwarya Pissay won her first international title at the Hungarian Baja, thereby becoming the 2019 FIM Bajas World Cup champion in the female division. She becomes the only Indian to win a FIM recognised international championship. Her string of strong finishes also saw her claim second spot in the Junior category.

Pissay’s feat is even more commendable considering that she was riding a smaller capacity motorcycle (250cc) than her rivals. She began the championship on a strong note by winning in Dubai. In the following three rounds in Portugal, Spain and Hungary, she did not finish lower than fifth, helping her achieve this crown. Pissay must be feeling extra relieved and joyous with the crown as just twelve months ago she lay in hospital, recovering from a nasty injury sustained at the 2018 Baja Aragon.

Pissay shared her thoughts about her maiden title, “It’s absolutely overwhelming. I am out of words. After what happened last year, my first international season, when I crashed in Spain Baja and suffered career-threatening injuries, to come out and win the championship, is a great feeling. It's an honour to be the first athlete to bring home a World Championship and put India on the Map of International Motorsports. I believe this is gives hope to many budding racers to take the sport seriously.”

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