6 reasons why the Mahindra e2o is the coolest car to come out of India yet

While the list is endless, here are the top 6 reasons why the Mahindra e2o is the coolest car ever conceived and manufactured in India yet

Mahindra e2o front shot



It’s not just electric, it’s electrifying!

The Mahindra e2o is completely electric, which means you don’t have to queue up at the gas station anymore and you won’t get heartache every time fuel prices rise. It gives you a 100km range on a full charge and with interesting features like REVive that gives you an additional 8km when the batteries are low on juice, you’re never too far away from a charging point!

The e2o’s super low carbon footprint

It’s not just about zero emissions at the tail pipe – manufacturers are having to rethink processes that pollute all the way from the design stage. This is where the Mahindra e2o truly outscores everything else. Built at India’s first Platinum certified automobile plant, the facility itself is naturally lit and ventilated, uses LED lights, recycles, gets 35 percent of its power from solar panels and is claimed to be 60-70 percent more efficient than a conventional facility! Related: Mahindra e2o: How it's made



Muntaser demonstrates the legroom of the Mahindra e2o electric car


For the family

Contrary to general perception of electric vehicles, and despite being a 2-door hatch, the Mahindra e2o is spacious enough on the inside to comfortably fit four adults. In fact there is enough legroom for the rear passengers to rival that of many premium hatchbacks. That’s not all – the e2o also has built in mounts for child seats and decent storage space in the boot which makes it great for a city commute with the family.



Digital instrument cluster of the Mahindra e2o electric car



Future ready!

Much like your modern-day Smartphone, the e2o is ready for the future, with a whole lot of really cool functions that can be powered remotely. Infrastructure for charging stations is being dealt with as well, and the e2o even has the capability to power a small home through its batteries as well. A sync to the manufacturer’s server also monitors the e2o on a daily basis giving you instant diagnosis of any existing or impending problems to be taken care of during service!



Mahindra e2o getting charged



The Mahindra e2o is not just a car that you get into, drive, park and forget about. The car actually talks back to you through its mobile app giving you information of its state of charge, and even sends you a reminder for its various functions. You can remotely lock and unlock the car, start and stop charging, turn the car on and off, switch the air conditioning on and off and even set a schedule depending on your daily use.

Safety, no compromise!

Built like most modern rally cars – with a high strength steel frame making sort of a roll cage to which the body panels are bonded on, the Mahindra e2o meets European safety norms and in fact passed crash tests even without the use of airbags. Clever design and triple beam crumple zones in the front with twin beam side impact bars in the doors as well as in the rear fenders make the e2o super safe.


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